How to get a Dubai real estate broker license?

How to get a Dubai real estate broker license?

Getting your hands on a Dubai Real Estate broker license is a seamless and thorough process. Moreover, all the departments in the Dubai Real Estate market are impeccable, perfect, and next to perfect. Thus, the factor of legitimacy is also required for getting the broker’s license. Furthermore, it shall also be noted that after deciding to delve into the ever-mega business of Dubai Real Estate one must be cautious to get all the needed and required documents and procedures ticked.

The industry is thriving hastily. Therefore, it is only wise to balance the steps in parallel with the needs. Moreover, getting a broker licensee is as important. The following blog will guide you thoroughly on how one can get a Dubai Real Estate Broker License. And that too in the most impeccable and seamless way possible.

Broker License

Let’s shed some light on why the need for a broker’s license is of utmost importance in Real Estate Markets trends. Well, to start off, if an individual wants to sell a property or get into the business, he has to get in touch with an agency. In UAE, real estate is not a freelance thing. Therefore, the requirement of a broker’s license is pertinent.

Now to answer the question of how one can become a real estate broker in Dubai. Well, first and foremost, take the DREI course for approval and get basic education/guidance. DERA, however, stands for Dubai Real Estate Institute. Then it shall be followed up by getting a “Good Conduct” certificate from Dubai Police. It assures and gives a sense of approval.

Dubai Real Estate Broker License

There are multiple licenses that one must get in order to get into the real estate business in the city of UAE. Moreover, the importance of a broker license is utmost. The following blog will go through all the steps one by one. Have a look;


The role of RERA is also exceptionally important. It stands for Real Estate Regulatory Authority and it overlooks the entire real estate department. The companies, firms, and individuals have to get approval from RERA before delving into the respective business. Moreover, for the broker’s license, one has to contact RERA for the purpose. You can also stay in touch with all Dubai Real Estate news.

Dubai Real Estate Broker License Procedure

The entire and thorough procedure of acquiring a broker’s license from RERA in the Dubai Real Estate industry is here;

  • The first step is getting a residency Visa. Furthermore, it is for brokers specifically who are not a resident of Dubai. Therefore, it is exceptionally pertinent for them. But if you are one, then you don’t have to go through the process.
  • Then, comes completing the RERA required certificate and completing the 4-day long training. One can take the training classes online too if needed. Otherwise, in-person sessions are held at the Dubai Land Department. They include everything and all sorts of knowledge for the Dubai Real Estate Industry.
  • After completing the two, comes the time to apply for the broker’s license. That can only be acquired from the Dubai Land Department. It is the government institution that is responsible for handling the whole Dubai real estate authority.


Required Documents

  • In order to obtain a RERA broker’s license, here are the required documents that must be submitted;
  • A residency Copy
  • Emirates ID Card and a passport copy submission
  • Provide your RERA Exam and training proof
  • A realtor license copy
  • A copy of your ‘Good Conduct Certificate
  • Trade name reservation copy

These are the basic requirements to acquire a RERA license that one should always bear in mind. Furthermore, remember that Dubai Real Estate is huge, promising, and ever-thriving. Thus, getting into the business with naiveness is never the apt way. Therefore, being aware, thorough, and clean-recorded is always something that is going to work in the long term. Also, the broker’s license is not for a lifetime and is indefinite. It needs a timely renewal.


Dubai Real Estate is one of the biggest, most immaculate, and impeccable real estate industries in the world. Therefore, all the processing in every department has to be thorough. Including the broker’s license. Therefore, prior research for personal satisfaction and that of the Real Estate Department is important. Anyhow, for more guidance, information and any kind of query, Estate Land Marketing is always here to help you.


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