CDA considers Margalla Avenue City Business District

CDA considers Margalla Avenue City Business District

According to May 6 news reports, the Capital Development Authority (CDA) is contemplating establishing a City Business District along the newly constructed Margalla Avenue in Islamabad. The proposed commercial center will be established in Zone 1 of the boulevard.

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According to a member of the Planning Wing, the municipal agency is contemplating establishing a business center, and the board of the CDA was informed of this plan at a meeting. According to reports, the CDA owns between 1,500 and 1,000 kanals of land in the specified area, primarily in Sector C-16. This area will be developed with mixed-use buildings, primarily condominiums. It was stated that the authority will also offer apartments to Pakistanis living abroad.

In addition, the authority will employ a consultant for the area’s development. For this purpose, the CDA is contemplating hiring only government-owned consulting firms. If this proposal is approved, it will become the second business district of Islamabad, which currently has a district known as Blue Area.

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