Pakistan's first International Housing Expo will be held next month

Pakistan’s first International Housing Expo will be held next month

The Ministry of Housing and Works in Islamabad is all set to host the first-ever International Housing and Real Estate Expo on December 8. This is to make sure that people have safe places to live and to promote the real estate industry in the country.

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The four-day event will be put on with the help of other relevant ministries, agencies, authorities, and organizations. The goal is to improve the construction industry and encourage housing projects that have already been approved. An official from the ministry of housing, whose name was not given, said that people who work in the real estate and housing industries can take part in the exhibition.

According to the details, real estate consultants, real estate developers, housing societies, and businesses that make or sell building materials will be given exhibition booths. The main goal of the property expo is to make people aware of the real estate that is legal in the country.

The official also said that the housing ministry will give stalls to housing projects and companies that have No Objection Certificates (NoCs) from the relevant authorities and approvals from the government and taxpayers.

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