Sector C-15 receives development work from the CDA

Sector C-15 receives development work from the CDA

Islamabad: According to news stories from March 30, the Capital Development Authority (CDA) has immediately resumed the construction work that had been put on hold in Sector C-15.

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According to reports, the development project has been stuck for seven years, but the authority administration is now determined to get it finished quickly. According to CDA Chairman Noorul Amin Mengal, every effort will be made to guarantee that Sector C-15 develops quickly and that the land is turned over to allottees as soon as possible.

According to a land-sharing formula used when the authority purchased Sector C-15 in 2008, the landowners were given 1-kanal developed plots of land for every 4-kanal piece of undeveloped property. Some landowners did not get allotment letters, though. A total of 504 people were declared eligible for the built-up property (BuP) prize, which was announced in 2016. Out of those 504, 167 were added to the A-list after providing the necessary information, and 337 were added to the B-list. It was disclosed that a little area of land in the sector called “Dhoke Ashraf” has not yet been purchased.

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