Eden Value Homes Lahore

Eden Value Homes Lahore

Eden Value Homes Lahore

Eden Value Homes Lahore is a modern and luxurious housing society located at Multan road and N-5. Moreover, the housing society developers are the best developers known for their work in the real estate world. This housing scheme is famous because of its prime location and its affordability. So, if you are looking for an investment in this real estate project, this is a perfect guide.

Owners & Developers

The skillful owners and developers of the Eden homes is the Eden builder. Moreover, they know the art of building magnificent real estate projects. Its goal is to provide luxurious yet comfortable living to its investors. They are also known for developing twenty real estate development projects. Lastly, they have work experience of around 30 years.

NOC Status

No Objection Certificate (Noc)  is the valuable aspect that all investors and residents look for before investing. Moreover, it is vital to gain the trust of the investors. Therefore, the Eden value homes will soon receive their Noc. They are in the process and soon gain the trust and confidence of all the investors and future residents.

Location & Map

The location is another vital feature that all investors analyze before investing. Moreover, the developers facilitate the future residents and investors to buy, making this housing society prime. The location of this real estate project is at Multan Road/ N-5 Lahore. The other fascinating reason to like the site is the closeness to National Highway.

More influential places are Johar Town, Lahore City, Sulshan Town Lahore, University of Central Punjab,  Daewoo Bus Terminal, Thokar Niaz Baig Valencia Town Lahore. All these are old and famous places in Lahore, indicating the significance of investing in this housing society. Lastly, the value of the land will also increase because of its accessibility to nearby areas.

Eden value homes Lahore location map

Eden Value Homes Payment Plan

Before investing in its payment plan, all investors look at the other critical factor. Moreover, the payment plan is affordable and has value for money, like kingdom valley Islamabad. Therefore, investing in this real estate project will be bliss for investors. Furthermore, all plots have a variety of facilities to offer, and the price is according to the amenities this housing society has to offer.

There are two categories in the payment plan. Moreover, the names of these are independent category and duplex category. The first category deals with blocks B and C. Furthermore, the dealers make sure the affordability factor for the investor’s facilitation. Lastly, the details of the payments plan are below:

Duplex Category

The details of Duplex Category in Eden value homes Lahore are as follows:

Eden value homes Lahore duplex category payment plan

Independent Category

The details of Independent Category in Eden value homes Lahore are as follows:

Independent Category in Eden value homes Lahore payment plan

Master Plan

A unique aspect of this housing society is the master plan, which shows the state of the artwork. Moreover, the master plan is appealing because of the hard work of professional and expert architects. The master is here to facilitate the investors and future residents with all facilities, from comfort to luxuries. The master plan includes plots of various sizes to enable prospective residents and investors. Some of the plot specifications are as follows:

Master Plan of eden value homes Islamabad


There are three blocks available in this housing project. All these blocks have perks privileges for all the prospective residents. Moreover, these blocks will facilitate the investors to have a high-end and peaceful life. The blocks are as follows:

  • Block A
  • Block B
  • Block C

Residential Plot Sizes

The plots are available at Eden Value Homes are of different sizes. Moreover, they range from 2.5 marlas to 12 marlas. These plots have their benefits for the investors. Furthermore, the variety of plot sizes meets the residents’ requirements and investors. Lastly, details of these plots are as follows:

2.5 Marlas Plot

These plots are the smallest size available at this real estate project. Moreover, these plots have two bedrooms and two bathrooms to fulfill the investors’ basic requirements. Lastly, these plots come under the size of the standard properties.

3.5 Marlas Plot

The other available size is also relatively small and suitable for business opportunities. Furthermore, these plots and homes will provide three bedrooms and two bathrooms, and they are also the standards plots.

5 Marlas Plot

These plots are the best for residential purposes. Furthermore, there will be the availability of three bedrooms and two bathrooms. All these features meet the living standards that investors and future residents look at before investment.

7 Marlas Plot

The seven marlas plots are the best plot size for small families. Moreover, this plot size also provides three bedrooms and two bathrooms. There will be different privileges that investors will receive after investment.

10 Marlas Plot

This plot size will also offer its investors and future residents three bedrooms and two bathrooms. Moreover, most people looking for a lifetime investment at an affordable price often look for ten marlas plots. Lastly, the ten marlas plots are executive plots because of the facilities it has to offer.

12 Marlas Plot

The most significant plot size available at Eden Value Homes Lahore is the twelve marlas plots. Furthermore, these plots will make a dream home and a valuable asset for lifelong investment. As we all know, homes are there forever, so investing in good quality work and a suitable size is always crucial. Lastly, these plot sizes also come under the executive plots.

Development Status

The construction is going at a high pace. Moreover, the building is going on both residential and commercial plots. As we all know, the builders of the housing society are famous for their real estate projects. So, it’s accurate to say that this housing project will benefit the investors and turn into a valuable asset. Lastly, the development will also spike the prices, and the investment worth in the capital enclave will also increase.


There are multiple features available in this housing society. Moreover, to know more about it, continue reading.

  • Affordable payment plans
  • Provision of all basic needs
  • Eco-friendly environment
  • Commercial area
  • High-quality infrastructure
  • Secured community
  • Entertainment areas like cinema and gyms.
  • Solid waste management system
  • Education centers and heath units
  • Indoor and outdoor sports complex.


Like all housing societies, there are a variety of amenities this housing society has to offer. Some of the facilities are as follows:

Secured Gated Community

One of the features this housing provides is a secured environment for its investors and future investors. Moreover, security is vital for all the residents to live in a peaceful mindset and lifestyle. Lastly, there is the availability of the 42/7 guards who are present to maintain the community’s friendly and secured environment.

Health Care and Education Facilities

The other facility Eden Value Homes provides is the provision of healthcare units that will be available 24/7 to tackle any emergency. Moreover,  a high-quality education system is also necessary for the children, and the developer makes sure to provide an international standard education system. Lastly, these facilities are a must for every community to grow.

Theme Parks and Grounds

Recreational activities are also crucial for the growth and development of children. Moreover, for adults walking and breathing in fresh air is helpful to maintain a healthy lifestyle. Therefore, there is a provision of parks and grounds to facilitate the investors. So, all the residents and investors can attain a happy and healthy life.

Community Support Center

Community centers are also a vital aspect of every housing society. Therefore, this housing scheme also has a community support center to facilitate all their queries.

Shopping Malls and Grocery Stores

Again, there is a provision of shopping malls and grocery stores for the residents’ facilitation. Moreover, these are the basics that housing societies keep an eye on, as residents should feel a whole way of living in their community.

Provision of Mosque and Graveyard

Religion is an excellent aspect of every community. And, this housing is developing a grand mosque to help the investors meet the religious obligations. Moreover, the provision of the graveyard is again a vital need of every community, and it will help the residents lessen the grief.

Pros and Cons

Like every other decision, there are always some pros and cons of investing in real estate projects. Moreover, some of the pros and cons are as follows:


  • 24/7 provision of all basic needs like water, electricity, and gas.
  • Adequate health care facilities.
  • Parks, gyms, and grounds to support recreational activities.
  • The security checks include 24/7 CCTV cameras to protect the community from hazards.
  • Adequate drainage and solid waste management system
  • Eco-friendly environment to attain a sustainable healthy lifestyle.


  • Perception of high prices.
  • Nearby developed housing societies.

Why invest in Eden Value Homes Lahore?

As we all know, this housing society offers many facilities in one gated community at affordable prices. Moreover, making a dream home is a wish of every investor, and Eden Value Homes has it all that is vital for future residents and investors. The other best feature that makes this investment value is the location of this real estate project. Furthermore, it is close to many vital areas in Lahore, like Bahria Orchard Lahore, University of Central Punjab, and Thokar Niaz Baig.

The other part that increases the value of investment here is affordability. As we have seen, there are a variety of amenities available at such an affordable amount. Moreover, the master plan of this housing society has a variety of plot sizes available to fulfill the needs of the investors. Lastly, to know more about the investment in this housing society, visit the Estate Land Marketing official website.


Eden Value homes is a modern yet affordable housing society in Lahore. Moreover, the developers of this housing project are Eden builders. They know the art of creating magnificent and luxurious development projects. Furthermore, the housing society is a prime location providing homes to all needy people at affordable prices. There are various benefits in investing in Eden value homes, as discussed earlier. Lastly, visit the Estate Land Marketing office or their official website to book a plot to make a valuable asset and a dream home.


Q1. What is Eden Value Homes?

It is a real estate project in Lahore.

Q2. Where is it located?

The housing society is at N-5 Motorway and Multan road.

Q3. Who are the developers of this housing society?

The builders of this housing society are Eden builders.

Q4. Is this housing society affordable?

Yes, the payment plan is highly affordable according to the amenities it has to offer.

Q5. What is the status of Noc?

The Noc is still in the process of attaining approval, and soon it will receive the Noc.

Q6. Is there a provision of an education center?

Yes, there is a provision for high-quality education.

Q7. Is there an availability of installment?

Yes, there is a provision of an installment program to meet the financial status of the investors.

Q8. Is this housing society is a valuable investment?

Yes, it is due to its prime location and futuristic master plan.

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