Bahria Orchard Lahore

Bahria Orchard Lahore

Bahria Orchard Lahore

Bahria Orchard is a housing society project of Bahria Town. It is a Low-Cost Housing Scheme in Bahria Orchard, Lahore that combines quality, perfection, and international standards to provide its inhabitants with the luxury of a luxurious lifestyle. Low-Cost Scheme, unique residential plots of 5 and 8 Marla are conveniently placed in Bahria Orchard on Main Raiwind Road in Lahore, a few minutes drive from Tokhar Niaz Baig and Canal Road and a few minutes drive from the Tokhar Niaz Baig and Canal Road Metro Stations. Likewise, it is a low-cost project that encourages everyone to deposit his savings on plots in ideal locations with beautiful green gardens, all of which are provided in a gated and secure community. Furthermore, the ideal position is just 5 minutes away from Defense Road, which links to the Main Ferozepur Road as well as the Multan Road.

Developers & Owners

Bahria Town Pvt. Ltd is the major developer of this inexpensive Bahria Orchard Lahore. So It was intended to give great living conditions at low prices, which would be within the grasp of the underprivileged part of the society. These are the reason why not only do investors trust Bahria Town, but they also adore them too. This is the performance of Bahria-Town developers that they have always kept up. People have built love in their hearts for them. Undoubtedly, it is the finest Project thus far.

NOC Status

Whenever it comes to investing money, one of the first questions that come to mind is whether or not society is lawful. In addition, The projects developed by Bahria Town Pvt. Ltd. are well-known across Pakistan, and there aren’t many questions about their legality in any of their developments.


Location Map

Bahria Orchard is conveniently located on Main Raiwind Road in Lahore; only a few minutes’ drive from Tokhar Niaz Baig and Canal Road. Furthermore, the location is ideal since it is just 5 minutes away from Defense Road, which links to the Main Ferozepur Road and the Multan Highway.

Bahria Orchard Lahore location map


Payment Plan

The Project’s developers and management have determined the most favorable payment rates for investors, even those who make just small initial contributions to the venture. In addition, there are other plots for sale in Bahria Orchard Lahore that are accessible at cheap costs. The following are some of the options available.

phase 4 plot prices in Bahria Orchard Lahore


Payment Plan Details

Payments of the plots are covered over 16 equal quarterly installments for four years.

Payment Options

  • Pay Order in favor of Bahria Town Ltd Lahore
  • Demand Draft in favor of Bahria-Town Ltd Lahore for residents of all other cities.
  • and Telegraphic Transfer

Master Plan

Housing project Bahria Orchard in excellent location provides a complete design of residential plots ranging from 5 to 8 Marla in size. The Project also includes sub societies with their own names, such as Green Valley Housing Scheme and Orchard Heights. Furthermore, Bahria Orchard provides a variety of options, including Orchard Villas, Orchard Overseas Blocks, Orchard Apartments, and Orchard Residential plots ranging in size from 5 Marla to 1 Kanal. Phase I and Phase II of the development plan are defined as follows.

Bahria Orchard Lahore master plan



  • Continuous Power Supply
  • International Standard School
  • Hospital with All Modern Facilities
  • 24/7 Security and Maintenance Services
  • Underground Electricity, Gas, Telephone & other Utilities
  • Grid Station
  • Commercial Areas
  • Gold Class Cinema
  • Mini-Golf Course, Community Center & Club
  • also Grand Jamia Mosque
  • furthermore, Beautiful Parks with Pristine Environment

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Why Should I Invest in this society?

One of the unique aspects of Bahria-Orchard Lahore is that it is created with a single goal in mind to give a luxurious lifestyle with all of the amenities and good services at a low price that is affordable to the average person. Moreover, this society is well-known for providing luxury at a reasonable price. In addition to being contemporary, the architecture of this residential neighborhood also reflects the rich cultural past of Lahore at the same time. During the design and development phases, the developers who were contacted were exceptionally competent, inventive, and highly qualified, which made it feasible. This society is more than simply a lump of steel and concrete; rather, it is designed to be an environmentally conscious and environmentally friendly housing community.

Jamia Mosque

Bahria Orchard Lahore will cater to all of the inhabitants’ needs, including their religious requirements. In order to reach the spiritual needs of the people, the Bahria Orchard Lahore has also constructed a major Jamia mosque on the premises. Likewise, Individuals may develop a close relationship with ALLAH by giving their prayers in this Jamia mosque, which is open to the whole community.

Infrastructure for Roads

Its roads and other associated infrastructure will serve as a model for future builders and communities to follow. In addition, Bahria-Orchard Lahore has created one-of-a-kind facilities to make this feasible by facilitating the people’s daily lives in the city.

Spaces and Parks

The society will include greenery in the form of gardens, lawns, parks, and other green places; they will also serve as a representation of society. All of this contributes to creating an environment that is conducive to maintaining the greatest possible health of the people.

Furthermore, the developers of Bahria Orchard Lahore did not simply envision a civilization built of concrete blocks; they also saw a society that is environmentally friendly and technologically advanced.


Educational institutions will be a permanent part of this illustrious society for as long as it exists. Such institutions are essential for the psychological development of children’s immature thinking, allowing them to become contributing members of civilized society and lead successful lives.


A contemporary residential neighborhood would be incomplete without the presence of educational institutions. So  A person demands the highest quality education for the advancement and development of our personal life, as well as for the advancement and development of the nation as a whole in order to carry with the high level of global competitiveness. Students who graduate from these institutions will outperform any other student in Pakistan will be able to finish on an international level with students from any other level of the educational system.

Security System

Bahria-Orchard Lahore is protected by a failsafe security system that has been established in and around the building. CCTV cameras and other surveillance technology will be put in buildings and across society in order to offer wide-ranging and speedy safety to the general public and to protect property.

Health Care Facility

The greatest world-class healthcare brings society to its logical conclusion. Although the Bahria Orchard Lahore is providing every indoor and healthy outdoor activity, the community is also being provided with a complete healthcare framework that can treat any kind of patient suffering from any sickness. The doctors and equipment are the best in the business, and they can handle any emergency 24 hours, seven days a week.

Furthermore, these hospitals, laboratories, and clinics are capable of treating a large number of patients in a professional manner, with the assistance of highly trained personnel and medical professionals.

Basic Utilities

Bahria Orchard has basic utilities available 24 hours a day, seven days a week. It is a well-designed accommodation complex with breathtaking scenery. Moreover, in order to maintain the attractiveness of the community, the developers planned it such that all of the facilities, such as water pipes, drainage pipelines, gas lines, and electricity lines, are built underground and hidden from view. Likewise, this is a significant step forward in terms of making society more attractive and safe.

Drainage system

A drainage system that does not work fails a housing society. The drainage system of the Bahria-Orchard Lahore is designed to be capable of dealing with significant storm rainfall as well as the trash generated by the local community. Furthermore, this will be a fully automated system with human overrides in the event of an emergency situation. The development of a drainage system that is in good working order is essential for the proper operation of a residential society’s infrastructure

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  • Developed plots
  • 1 Kanal Houses on Front area of Project
  • Main gate and Boundary Wall
  • Parks & Landscapes
  • Monuments
  • 3D Gold Class Cinema
  • Zoo within society
  • Orchard Fall & Mini Golf
  • Main Gate
  • Mosque
  • Quality Education System
  • Community Centers
  • Hospital, Clinics & Health Clubs
  • Education Complex
  • Gated community
  • Quality Development
  • Water, Gas, Electricity
  • Also Underground electrification
  • Furthermore, Playgrounds and parks are essential.

Pros and Cons


  • Designing and developing this prestigious housing project has made use of cutting-edge technology that is available at a reasonable price. Infrastructure was built in accordance with world-class standards that are well recognized across the globe.
  • A large network of roads and lanes has been constructed in order to maintain the community’s expansive and picturesque appearance.
  • Bahria Orchard is a one-of-a-kind development in Lahore. It is responsible for delivering fundamental services such as water, gas, and power that are hidden below. It contributes to a safer and more attractive society.
  • This cutting-edge real estate development is home to the greatest healthcare amenities available. It is being built to provide the greatest possible care to the patients in society, including hospitals, laboratories, pharmacies, and clinics. Doctors with extreme specialization and non-medical workers will be in charge of running cutting-edge healthcare equipment.
  • Despite the fact that society seems to be luxurious, the flats are reasonably priced. This is a chance that should be taken advantage of immediately since the prices will rise over time.
  • Additionally, a planned sewage management and waste disposal system has been established in order to maintain the community free of trash and storm water.
  • A stunning Jamia mosque, designed by a world-class architect, is also being built.
  • This is a gated neighborhood with 24-hour guards. A state-of-the-art security system, complete with CCTV cameras and security guards, has been erected at Bahria Orchard Lahore to ensure the safety of its inhabitants. Security is very important for real estate societies because if inhabitants do not feel secure, then facilities are rendered ineffective.
  • Paved pathways and jogging tracks are part of the effort to keep inhabitants healthy while also providing them with the necessary convenience to move about. It also lends a lovely and sophisticated appearance to society.
  • The development of paved walkways and jogging tracks for the inhabitants is also underway.


  • Perception of high rates


Bahria Orchard is a Low-Cost Housing Scheme that combines quality, perfection, and international standards to provide its inhabitants with the luxury of a luxurious lifestyle. Furthermore, It is a low-cost project that encourages everyone to deposit his savings on plots in ideal locations with beautiful green gardens, all of which are provided in a gated and secure community. The ideal position is just 5 minutes away from Defense Road, which links to the Main Ferozepur Road as well as the Multan Road. And If you have any questions about Bahria-Orchard Lahore, please contact us also; please visit our website directly Estate Land Marketing.


Q1: Is this housing society approved and legal?

Ans. Yes, Bahria Orchard Lahore is a legal housing society.

Q2: Is it an affordable housing society?

Ans. Installment plans for Bahria-Orchard Lahore are straightforward. in addition, the management has played an important role in maintaining a balance between elegance and cost.

Q3: Does this housing society has potential high-return investments?

Ans. Yes, since the payment schedules are grabbing the attention of families, fewer money investors, especially those from average backgrounds, are interested in making significant investments in huge quantities.

Q4: where is the exact location of Bahria-Orchard Lahore?

Ans. Bahria Orchard is conveniently located on Main Raiwind Road in Lahore.

Q5: Who are the developers of Bahria-Orchard Lahore?

Ans. Bahria Town Pvt. Ltd is the major developer of this inexpensive Bahria-Orchard Lahore.

Q6: What exactly is Bahria-Orchard Lahore, and how does it differ from other housing developments in the area?

Ans. So, Bahria-Orchard Lahore View is being designed to provide people with an inexpensive, eco-friendly living experience. It was launched by a team of experienced engineers, architects, and other professionals.

Q7: How can I buy a plot?

ANS: for instance, if you have any questions. Furthermore, Estate Land Marketing is the marketing of real estate.

Q8 What is mean a society in real estate?

ANS: Gas, Water, Parks, Hospital, Sewerage, not only-but also Linking Road Network, and Electricity, etc.


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