Citi Housing Faisalabad

Citi Housing Faisalabad

Citi Housing Faisalabad

Citi Housing Society is one of the best housing societies located in Faislabad. Moreover, the housing society is at M4-Motorway (Lahore-Faislabad). The other closest site is the Sargodha Road Junction. Furthermore, the developers of this real estate project are Citi Housing Group. The core purpose of this housing society is to provide affordable living at a high price. Lastly, the housing society has two phases, phases 1 and 2.

Owners & Developers

The owners and developers of the Citi housing societies are Citi Housing Pvt. Ltd. Moreover, the owners are the professionals and experts who know the art of developing world-class real estate projects. They are known as one of the top construction companies in Pakistan. Their famous projects are Citi Housing Jhelum, Gujranwala, Sargodha, and Multan. Furthermore, Amir Malik is the Chairman of this real estate project, who knows the art of developing mega projects.

NOC Status

No Objection Certificate (Noc) is vital to gain the confidence of future residents and investors. Moreover, to facilitate the investor’s Citi Housing, Faislabad is a legal and legit housing project that owns a legal status under the FDA Faislabad Development Authority. Furthermore, this real estate project has access to all vital documentation. All these factors indicate a responsible and valuable investment.

Check NOC Status : Blue Wolrd City

Location & Map

Location is the top vital feature that all investors look for before investing. Moreover, this housing society has ensured that its investors attain the best facilities and features in one gated community. Furthermore, the site is near Chak No. 234-RB Samundri Road, Faislabad. The other adjacent areas are the M4-Motorway and Faislabad Bypass Road. These sites increase the worth of this real estate project.

Citi Housing Faisalabad location map

Other nearby vital landmarks surrounding this housing society are kamalpur, FDA Citi, Muslim Town, and Motorway Citi Faislabad. Moreover, the other best feature is right at M4-Motorway, making it highly accessible for the residents and investors. Lastly, location is the most appealing factor of this housing society, just like Kingdom Valley Islamabad.

Payment Plan

The payment plan of Citi Housing Faislabad is also highly affordable. Moreover, the developers make sure that this housing society must meet the economic standards of the investors and future residents. As we know, there are various plots sizes available in this real estate project. Therefore, the payment plan consists of a wide range, and anyone can buy a dream home according to their financial status. Lastly, visit the office of Estate Land Marketing or their official website for the latest updates.

Citi Housing society payment plan

Master plan

The master of this housing scheme is durable and attractive, and the experts and professional is the main culprit behind it. Moreover, the master is here to facilitate several residents and investors by providing a wide range of plots at affordable prices. And there is an availability of residential and commercial properties. Therefore investing here will be a valuable option to have. Lastly, there are two phases in this housing project. More details are as follows:

Blocks and Plots in Phase 1

There are mainly three blocks in phase 1 of this housing scheme. Moreover, they are named blocks A, B, and C. All these blocks have a variety of plots available to facilitate the residents and investors. Furthermore, all these properties are available at affordable prices. The plot sizes available at block 1 are five marlas, ten marlas, and 1 Kanal.

Citi Housing society faislabad phase 1

Blocks and Plots in Phase 2

There are four blocks available in this phase, making it a better option for investment for all future residents. The blocks classify as blocks A, B, C, and D. Moreover, there is one more block in phase two, allowing more investment in block 2. Furthermore, there are also a variety of plots available here to facilitate the investors. The plots sizes start from the five marlas to the 2 Kanal plots. All these plots are obtainable at affordable prices.

Citi Housing society faislabad phase 2 master plan

Commercial Plots

Commercial plots are also a need for every housing society to help grow the investors and residents economically. Moreover, this housing society also has the facilitation of commercial plots. The developer’s utmost property is its investors’ peaceful and high-end living standards. Furthermore, the plots sizes available here are four, five, and ten marlas.

Development Status

The development pace of this housing society is going on smoothly. Moreover, the high-quality infrastructure makes the process slower. As we know, maintaining quality is the primary concern of the developers. Furthermore, the availability of facilities here also makes this housing scheme valuable. Lastly, the development will increase the value of the site. Therefore it is recommended to invest in this housing society.


There are several features available in Citi Housing Faisalabad. Some of them are as follows:

  • Accessibility of basic needs like electricity, water, and gas.
  • Grand Mosque
  • Parks and grounds
  • Education facilities
  • Healthcare units
  • Water Resources
  • Secured gated community
  • Underground Electrification
  • Shopping and grocery facilities
  • Gym and clubs
  • World-class infrastructure
  • Sports Complexes and areas


Amenities are what in the eyes of all investors. As we know, there are many features of this housing project that make it different and attractive. Some of the amenities are as follows:

Eco-Friendly Environment

The best feature of this real estate project is their way of development. The construction process maintains international and modern standards to avoid any wastage. Moreover, the plantation drive will also add freshness and natural effect to this community.

Healthcare Facilities and Education Hub

The growth of any community depends on two essential factors. One is an adequate healthcare system, and the other is a high-quality education system. Moreover, this housing project has both facilities to facilitate future residents and investors. Therefore investment here will be vital.

Community Support

Customers and investors are always right. And, to answer all queries, there is an availability of a customer support center. Moreover, some professionals and experts are answering all doubts regarding investments. Lastly, customer satisfaction and trust are all that this housing society seeks from its investors.

High-Quality Infrastructure

Developers of this housing society make sure to provide high-quality living standards to the investors and residents. Therefore, they are developing vast and wise roads, like the main boulevard. Moreover, the building is also well structured to enhance the beauty of this housing scheme. Lastly, developers’ primary focus is to deliver a high-quality infrastructure to investors.

Business Opportunities

And, to help any community grow, it is vital to have a business center. Therefore there is an option of commercial areas where all investors ad residents can invest and grow economically. Moreover, the residents can start their startups and shops to generate money and live a high-end lifestyle. Lastly, there are different plots sizes available to meet the requirement of the work.

Secured Community

Without security, it will be impossible to live a peaceful life. Therefore, Citi housing has a foolproof security system to give its residents a sense of a secured and friendly environment. Moreover, CCTV cameras and guards are 24/7 available to facilitate the residents and investors.

Mosque and Graveyard

Religion is the central priority of every community. Therefore, there is a provision of Grand Mosque to help the resident fulfill their religious obligations. Moreover, there is a graveyard in the community to help the residents in grief.

Advantages and Disadvantages

The advantages and disadvantages of these housing societies are as follows:


  • Availability of all necessities like electricity, gas, and water
  • Secured environment
  • Serene surrounding
  • High-quality living standards
  • Business Opportunities
  • Schools and colleges
  • Healthcare units
  • Malls, markets, and groceries
  • Best locality
  • Well planned drainage system
  • Vast roads


  • The perception of plot prices is the only disadvantage of this real estate project.
  • And to Maintain high-end living standards and quality, the development process is going on at a slower pace.

Why Invest in Citi Housing in Faisalabad?

Investing in a futuristic and modern housing society is a dream of everyone. Therefore, Citi housing Faisalabad is here to facilitate the residents with high-end living standards. The investors and future residents will get all necessities in just one gated community. From comfort to luxury, there is everything available at affordable prices. As we know, building a home is not an everyday task. Therefore investment heer will be highly beneficial and valuable.

Another crucial factor is the approval of Noc; it gains the trust and confidence of the investors. Moreover, there is the availability of business opportunities in the Citi housing Faisalabad. The commercial plot will help in growing the economic status. Lastly, investment in this housing society will increase with time because of the location and the facilities this housing project offers.


Citi Housing Faisalabad is one of the futuristic and modern housing societies available in Faisalabad. Moreover, the location of this housing society is what all investors are happy with is this housing project’s location. And, the site is also highly accessible from the main areas of Faisalabad, like Model Town Khurrianwala Faisalabad. Furthermore, the affordability factor is also appealing for all investors because many amenities are available at affordable prices. And there is a variety of residential and commercial plots available here. Lastly, to achieve a high-end living standard living here will be a valuable asset.


Q1. What is the Citi Housing Society?

It is a real estate project in Faisalabad.

Q2. Where is it located?

It is present at M4-Motorway, Faisalabad.

Q3. Why is this society different?

The housing society is a perfect example of high-end living standards for the residents at affordable process.

Q4. What is the Noc Status of the society?

Citi housing is a legal housing society that has approval from FDA.

Q5. Is Citi housing affordable?

Yes, the housing scheme provides plots to investors at affordable prices.

Q6. Is there an availability of installment?

Yes, installment is present in this housing scheme where all people from all economic groups can invest.

Q7. Who are the developers of this housing project?

The developer of this real estate project is Citi Housing Pvt. Ltd.

Q8. Is the location of this housing project accessible?

Yes, the location is highly accessible

Q9. Is there is the availability of commercial plots?

Yes, there are commercial plots in both phases available at affordable prices.

Q10. Will it be a valuable investment?

Of course! Over time the value of the investment will increase because of the location and amenities the housing society has to offer to its investors.

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