Pakistan and China to commence the ML-1 project early

Pakistan and China to commence the ML-1 project early

Pakistan and China have agreed to start the long-awaited Main Line-1 (ML-1) project early. The goal of the project is to update the country’s old railroad infrastructure. The news came out on September 29.

As far as we know, this deal was made between the Chinese Ambassador to Pakistan, Nong Rong, and the Minister for Railways, Khawaja Saad Rafiq. It was said that the project had been put off several times because of problems with the design and other things.

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Under China-Pakistan-Economic-Corridor, the ML-1 project was said to be the biggest plan for building railway infrastructure (CPEC). It was approved by the Executive Committee of the National Economic Council (ECNEC) and is expected to cost USD 6.8068 billion.

During the meeting, the Minister of Railways, Rafiq, asked the Chinese Ambassador to think about working with Pakistan International Airlines to make a cheap airline (PIA). Under this project, the country’s small airports will be made to work, giving people better ways to get around. At the meeting, plans to start direct flights from Pakistan to Beijing and Guangzhou were also talked about.

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Al-Kabir Developers merges Kings Town, Sector B plots

Al-Kabir Developers merges Kings Town, Sector B plots

Lahore: The Al-Kabir Developers has opened merging for the Kings Town Sector B plots, a notification on the developer’s official Facebook page announced on September 30.

The merger offer has been announced for 3 and 5-marla plots in Kings Town Phase-I, Sector B. The authorities have asked interested file holders in the aforementioned sector to apply for the merger procedure until October 8. Applications will be accepted at the Al-Kabir Head offices located in AL-Kabir Town Phase-I.

Source: Al-Kabir Town Facebook page

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In a previous development, Al-Kabir Developers also announced that 5-marla residential plots in its new project ‘Al-Kabir Orchard’ have been sold out.

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Administrative approval for Samanabad Underpass PC-1

Administrative approval for Samanabad Underpass PC-1

On September 30, news sources said that the Punjab government gave administrative approval to the revised Project Concept-1 (PC-1) for the Samanabad Underpass Project.

Under the new PC-1, the Lahore Development Authority (LDA) will spend PKR 2.03 billion on the road infrastructure project instead of the PKR 1.51 billion that was estimated before. According to LDA sources, the PC-1 has changed the price because inflation and the cost of building materials have gone up. In this case, LDA Chief Engineer II Mazhar Hussain Khan wrote to the Housing and Planning Department, which sent the letter out for final approval.

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Also, the LDA has decided to start building the project in October and has said that Chief Minister (CM) Pervaiz Elahi will be there to break ground. The PC-1 says that the underpass will take 13 months to build and will be 500 metres long, 5.1 metres tall, and 8 metres wide. The project to build two lanes will make it easier for people coming from Gulshan Ravi to Samanabad.

It’s important to note that the Smanaabad Underpass project is one of the five mega projects that are part of the plan for managing traffic in Lahore.

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RDA will perform anti-illegal building and construction operations

RDA will perform anti-illegal building and construction operations

On October 3, news sources said that Muhammad Saif Anwar Jappa, the director general of the Rawalpindi Development Authority (RDA), had told officials to start putting an end to any illegal building or housing scheme in the city.

He told RDA employees to look for any building that was built on public land without permission and to take it down. He said that it is the job of the area officer to report and stop any illegal building work, and that if they don’t, they will be held legally responsible. He also went to many buildings being built around the city, looked over the legal paperwork, and gave orders. Later, DG Jappa checked out a building along the Leh Expressway and told the owner to tear down an illegal multi-story building project. He told the people not to put their hard-earned money into illegal building schemes and projects.

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It’s important to know that the RDA has taken action against illegal housing groups in its area. Several operations have been set up to stop different housing plans that haven’t been approved yet. To protect people from scams, the government has made an online portal where people can check if housing plans are real.

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The cornerstone is laid for the Bhara Kahu bypass project

The cornerstone is laid for the Bhara Kahu bypass project

News from October 1 says that in Islamabad, Prime Minister (PM) Shehbaz Sharif laid the foundation stone for the Bhara Kahu bypass project and told the National Logistics Cell (NLC) to finish it in three months instead of four.

Captain Mohammad Usman, who is now retired but was the head of the Capital Development Authority (CDA), told the prime minister about the Bhara Kahu bypass project before laying the foundation. During the event, PM Shehbaz said that when the bypass is finished, people will feel better.

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It’s important to remember that the CDA just recently gave the project contract to the NLC. Officials from the CDA, whose names were not given, said that the NLC had moved its equipment and started work last week.

According to reports, the PM told the CDA to start the Bhara Kahu bypass project as soon as possible and finish it in four months. According to the details, the 5-kilometer road will start on Muree Road near the bus stop for Quaid-e-Azam University and end on Muree Road near the bus stop for Jugi, which is across from Punjab Cash and Carry. From there, a flyover will go to Murree and end in front of the Bhara Kahu bazaar.

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Lake View City

Lake View City Islamabad


Lake View City Islamabad will soon be available for living and investing purposes for twin city residents. Moreover, the developers will create a magnificent housing project that will offer all investors and prospective residents a lucrative way of living. Furthermore, the sitemap is a fascinating feature that will attract most investors and increase the investment rate in the community. Most importantly, the eco-friendly environment and serene lifestyle will enhance the living standards of all future investors and prospective residents. Lastly, the details of lake view city will be extensively available in this blog, so keeps reading the article.

Owners & Developers

RAMZ Developers are building this housing complex, and Munawar Attique is the CEO. Moreover, they have an expert team for creating lucrative features for all residents. Furthermore, a reliability factor will be there for all investors and future residents because of their legal status. Most importantly, the development work will soon be complete as the team is professional and knows the art of creating premium architecture in time.

NOC Status

According to the latest updates, the concerned department, Capital Development Authority (CDA), has approved the residential venture. Moreover, legality is the crucial aspect that all investors usually look at before investing in any asset or sustainable, lucrative housing complex. Most importantly, the worth of the property increases over time as the individual like to invest in secured and legal housing ventures. So, the housing facility will be the appropriate solution for everyone looking to make an ideal investment in the vicinity of twin cities like the TAB City Rawalpindi.

Location & Map

The sitemap will be at Ghaus-e-Azam Road. Moreover, it will be feasibly approachable and accessible from the Rawalpindi Ring Road and Chakri Interchange, making it the best investment opportunity for investors from twin cities. Furthermore, these accessibilities will make it a reliable investment option for long-term opportunities for everyone. Most importantly, greenery on both sides of the location will make it a suitable residential investment for living and investing purposes. Lastly, here is the sitemap that will make the investment decision more confident.

Lake View City location map

Payment Plans

According to available details, the most reasonable and reliable prices will be for all investors like the New City Paradise. Moreover, a practical instalment provision will encourage all investors to pay the total amount at their pace and preferences. Furthermore, there will currently be two block prices for details, including overseas and oxford blocks.

Overseas Block Payment Plan

The four-year-instalment plan will be available for all investors, making it an ideal residential opportunity for all locals and overseas. Moreover, lucrative amenities will make living standards reliable and sustainable. Furthermore, the different dimensions of properties will be available in the community at feasible investment rates.

Overseas Block Payment Plan

Oxford Block Payment Plan

The oxfords block will be offering lucrative features for every investor. Moreover, different plot sizes will be available at the easy four years instalment plan. Therefore, this investment will facilitate not only the investors but also the investors who are willing to make the ideal and profitable investment.

Oxford Block Payment Plan

Master Plan

The number of properties here will make the investment decision easier because they can invest according to their preferences and family needs. Moreover, the living experience will be fascinating because there will be lucrative features and facilities offers that will be available at the doorstep. Furthermore, the exceptional quality structure will make the ideal dwelling and business benefit all investors and potential residents. Lastly, these options will be available to make a suitable investment here.

Lake View City master plan

Residential Plots

Several residing options and dimensions will be available at the most satisfactory rates. Moreover, the facilities like electricity, water, and gas will enhance all residents’ living standards and monetary gains. Furthermore, the infrastructure quality will also make the investment more profitable. So, the investment here will be the most refined residential opportunity for all investors from twin cities and surrounding.

  • 3 Marla
  • 5 Marla
  • 7 Marla
  • 10 Marla
  • 1 Kanal

Commercial Plots

The commercial hub will be helping to make monetary gains for all investors. And it is possible by the premium infrastructure and different dimension availability. Moreover, a secure environment will be a significant aspect of making profitable business decisions and deals. Most importantly, all necessary features required for the office setting will be available in the commercial zone. So, investing here will help make the best business deals ever.

  • 2 Marla
  • 3 Marla
  • 5 Marla

Overseas Block

The overseas block will cater to the living needs of our country’s overseas assets. Moreover, there will have all the essential commodities that will enhance the living standards at reasonable rates. But, most importantly, those overseas are always worried about making long-term and profitable investment opportunities in the country. And this housing complex is solving all the needs of the investors.

  • 3 Marla
  • 5 Marla
  • 7 Marla
  • 10 Marla
  • 1 Kanal

Oxford Block

The oxford block will have lucrative and high-end facilities at reasonable rates. Moreover, high-quality infrastructure will make it the best investment opportunity in the twin cities’ surroundings. Most importantly, the location and amenities beat all the nearby residential options. So, living here will yield the best living and investing experiences.

  • 3 Marla
  • 5 Marla
  • 7 Marla
  • 10 Marla
  • 1 Kanal

Development Status

Since the housing project is still pre-launch, investors can make safe, long-term investments in residential and commercial properties. Furthermore, the high-end infrastructure will beautify the living area and support all investors in living a high-quality lifestyle. Moreover, the levelling and cutting of available plots will prepare the ground to show that the development work for the living area will soon begin. All of these features and conveniences will quickly be accessible to all. Finally, Estate Land Marketing will make all the information available as soon as the developers make it official.


Lake View City Islamabad has numerous features to offer marvellous living standards to all investors and prospective residents, and here are some of them.

  • Premium-Class Infrastructure
  • Broad Street & Roads
  • Optimal Sewage Strem
  • Apartments
  • Green Belts
  • Main Boulevards
  • Educational Hub
  • Medical Units
  • Community Center
  • Fitness Areas
  • Family Parks
  • Mosques
  • Entertainment Area
  • Shops & Marts


Several amenities will make the life of Lake View City Islamabad residents more reliable and blissful. Moreover, ideal location and price rates will enhance the lifestyle and living standards by providing the following amenities.

Access to all Essentials

Water, gas, and other necessities like power will all be easily accessible to all future residents. Additionally, there will be filtration facilities in the neighbourhood to guarantee that everyone who moves there in the future has access to clean, safe drinking water. Although all of these things will be accessible at affordable prices, there will also be favourable living conditions. Lastly, the developer wants to create a place where all shareholders can realise their ideal lifestyle aspirations.

Eco-Friendly Housing Project

There will be a plantation drive throughout the neighbourhood, creating a peaceful and tidy place to live. Moreover, the community also adheres to urban town planning guidelines to save waste during development. And parks will be part of the residential area to provide relaxation and memorable moments to all future residents.

Commercial Zone

The society’s commercial area will have top-notch design and construction, making the best business transactions will be made easier as a result. Additionally, various dimensions will be available to launch different company changes following the preferences and likes of the investors. Last but not least, investors will soon be able to take advantage of pre-launch pricing.

Educational & Medical Services

The developers will construct community medical facilities to make life easy for investors and incoming residents. Additionally, everyone will access worldwide medical equipment standards, aiding in providing good care. Furthermore, schools and institutions will adhere to an updated, global curriculum to support the realistic completion of the targeted educational objectives in a single community.

Premium Infrastructure

The investors’ and the citizens’ living standards will improve because of the high-quality infrastructure. Additionally, the construction of the commercial zone has superb infrastructure that will let investors make the best business commitments and deals. Lastly, the formal environment’s various features will enable financial growth for investors.

Secured Gated Community

By providing cutting-edge facilities to safeguard the neighbourhood, the developers will improve the environment’s safety for habitation. Additionally, CCTV cameras with facial recognition will make the area safer. Moreover, the community will have access to security personnel that are trustworthy and worth the investment.

Advantages & Disadvantages

The advantages of investing here will be countless and enhance the living standards of all residents, and here are what all will get by living and investing at this housing complex.


  • Provision of Basics
  • Ideal Location
  • Approachable Landmarks
  • Schools & Universities
  • Medical Facilities
  • Wide Streets
  • Green Belts
  • Apartments & villas
  • Affordable Plot Prices
  • Entertainment Area
  • Family Parks
  • Adequate Drainage System
  • Mosque
  • Community Center
  • Commercial Zone
  • Grid Station


  • Perception of high plot prices

Why Invest in Lake View City Islamabad?

The financiers will assist in selecting the best real estate investment. Additionally, the architects will make the ideal investment here due to the amenities and characteristics. Moreover, a serene environment will also be available for all residents and investors at reasonable rates. But most significantly, the development will have amenities like schools, universities, medical facilities, retail stores, and parks that will raise the quality of life for all stakeholders and future residents. Last but not least, the area will provide the twin cities’ citizens with a more respectable and trustworthy option.


The twin cities’ housing developments now include the housing complex. Additionally, all investors will have solid living standards and the highest amenities requirements. Most significantly, pre-launch prices will be affordable for most investors and future residents and open to all sensible investors. Moreover, the location will allow investors to choose the most incredible living and investment possibilities. Finally, Estate Land Marketing will provide appropriate direction about the home development and investment opportunities there.


Q1. Is Lake View City Islamabad a housing project?

Lake View City Islamabad will soon be available for living and investing purposes for twin city residents.

Q2. Who is building and developing this residential venture?

RAMZ Developers are building this housing complex, and Munawar Attique is the CEO.

Q3. Where is the actual sitemap?

The sitemap will be at Ghaus-e-Azam Road.

Q4. Is the site approachable from vital landmarks?

It will be feasibly approachable from the important landmark Rawalpindi Ring Road and the famous Chakri Interchange.

Q5. Is this a legal housing community?

As per the details, the Capital Development Authority (CDA) approves the housing venture.

Q6. Are there price rates available?

Yes, fascinating price ranges are available for all investors.

Q7. Will there be any commercial investment opportunities available?

Yes, good commercial facilities will be available for everyone.

Q8. Will it be a long-term and suitable investment?

Of course, the amenities and features will enhance the investor’s living standards.

Q9. How to get the ideal investment in Lake View City?

Estate Land Marketing will provide appropriate direction about the home development and investment opportunities there.

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