CDA provides updates on E-12 development efforts

CDA provides updates on E-12 development efforts

The Capital Development Authority (CDA) in Islamabad said on July 5 that they had finished about 90% of the earthwork on the 350 kanals of land in Sector E-12 that they just got back from the government.

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On Monday, a spokesperson for the authority said that work is going quickly on the underground water supply, including installing sewerage infrastructure and other facilities.

It was pointed out that the CDA is taking extra steps to finish development work in stalled areas so that the city can meet its housing needs. The CDA spokeswoman also said that 22 percent of the earthwork on the 1.75-kilometre-long road network in Sector I-12/2 was done.

Also, the CDA has told the relevant departments to finish the development work in their areas so that the allottees can start building houses as soon as possible. According to the source, after the development work is done, as many as 6,000 allotees in Sector I-12 and more than 3,000 allotees in Sector E-12 will finally be able to build their homes.

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