Lok Mela, showcasing various cultures, opens to the public in Islamabad

Lok Mela, showcasing various cultures, opens to the public in Islamabad

Lok Mela, a popular folk festival, is now open to the public at the National Institute of Folk and Traditional Heritage in the capital city, Islamabad. This was reported on November 27. From now until December, the Lok Mela will have many traditional arts and crafts from all over the country.

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The festival, called “Dastarbandi/Chadarposhi,” was started by Engr. Amir Muqam, who is an advisor to the PM on political, public, and cultural matters. Tradition says that the opening of the Lok Mela is the Dastarbandi/Chadarposhi of well-known folk artists and master craftspeople. Dastars were given to a lot of master craftspeople this year.

During his speech at the ceremony, the PM’s adviser greeted everyone there. He went on to say that Lok Mela was meant to keep, spread, and protect the folk cultural heritage of the country. This included crafts, arts, traditional skills, and folk music. The minister also said that this one-of-a-kind festival has become a sign of how the federation values the rich cultural diversity and people’s participation.

The festival also wants to show off the different cultures in the country and bring talented artists and craftspeople to the national stage. The adviser to the PM, Muqam, said that these kinds of festivals are important to the government because they encourage projects that help the public, develop and promote Pakistan’s culture, and provide entertainment. He talked about how the festival shows that Pakistan is really a peaceful country.

Adviser Muqam also said that the country could earn more foreign currency by promoting local handicrafts and showing the world our best cultural traditions, arts, and historical artefacts. He said that some of the money made at the mela would be given to the Prime Minister’s Flood Relief Fund to help flood victims get back on their feet.

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