The old GT Road reconstruction project has begun

The old GT Road reconstruction project has begun

The old GT Road reconstruction project has begun. The contractor has begun work on the deteriorating old GT Road restoration utilizing heavy gear at the Kathala railway crossing, where the road was in the poorest condition.

Locals, particularly businesses, have long pressed for rehabilitation of the road that runs through Gunjrat city, because hundreds of industrial units are located along the major thoroughfare.

Additionally, Gujrat city has been developing towards the Kathala railway crossing at the Chenab River bridge, necessitating road reconstruction.

Deputy Commissioner Mehtab Waseem Azhar stated that the road will be constructed between Kathala Chenab and the Rehmania bridge and over the Bhimbher stormwater channel, as these were the city’s primary entry and exit ports.

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He stated that the project would also help improve the city’s entry by developing greenbelts alongside the road and installing lighting.

The Punjab government approved the road restoration on the proposal of the Federal Minister for Water Resources Moonis Elahi. The project is estimated to cost Rs1 billion.

The project was initially budgeted for with Rs250 million from Punjab’s yearly development budget. According to the officials, the project might take at least one year to complete if necessary funds are released on time. The project to reconstruct the old GT Road has begun.

However, the local leaders of the ruling coalition partners – the PTI and the PML-Q – assert that the project would be completed this fiscal year.

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