240 billion PKR have been set up for South Punjab's development projects

240 billion PKR have been set up for South Punjab’s development projects

South Punjab Additional Chief Secretary (ACS) Saqib Zafar told the leading newspaper on July 15 that PKR 240 billion had been set aside for 2,000 projects to improve South Punjab in the next financial year (2022-2023).

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The Annual Development Program (ADP) was reviewed at a meeting that was led by ACS Zafar. During the meeting, it was said that there were 1,548 ongoing projects and 443 new projects that were part of the uplift schemes. The secretary told the people in charge of the projects to finish them on time and use all of the money that had been given to them. He also told them to follow all rules set by the government for the building projects.

Also, the additional chief secretary said that 97 percent of the released funds were used in the last financial year. Out of PKR 186 billion, PKR 181 billion was used. The officials (who didn’t give their names) told the ACS about the projects that are part of the current financial year. According to the facts, 541 of the projects came from Multan, 502 from Dera Ghazi (DG) Khan, and 439 from Bahawalpur.


PKR 365 million was set aside to fix up the road from Shujaabad to Jalalpur Pirwala. PKR 100 million was set aside for a two-way road from Kot Addu to Daira Deen Panah. PKR 233 million was set aside for the road from Rangpur to Chowk Sarwar Shaheed. PKR 250 million was set aside to build a parking lot in Multan.
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Multan Ring Road, the road from Kacha Khooh to Abdul Hakeen, and Mirchakar University, DG Khan
The Jehangirabad Multan sewerage project was given PKR 125 million, and the WASA Multan mechanical system was given PKR 1.59 billion.

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