A powerful group has been assembled to work on the Leh project

A powerful group has been assembled to work on the Leh project

A powerful group has been assembled to work on the Leh project. A powerful 18-member committee has been constituted to oversee the project’s early completion and removal of technical or legal impediments.

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A committee announcement has also been published, and the committee will include representatives from all parties. Additionally, the committee includes one representative from the triple-4 brigade and the Rawalpindi and Chaklala cantonment boards.

Rawalpindi Commissioner Gulzar Hussain Shah will chair the committee. It will consist of the Rawalpindi deputy commissioner, the city police officer, the city traffic officer, the management directors of the Water and Sanitation Agency and Rawalpindi Waste Management Company, four technical officers of the Rawalpindi Development Authority, and representatives from municipal bodies.

Previously, Prime Minister Imran Khan has mandated that work on the Rs55 billion Leh Expressway and Flood Channel project begin by December 31.

According to PTI Member of Parliament Sheikh Rashid Shafique, the provincial government informed the Prime Minister recently.

He asserted that Commissioner Syed Gulzar Hussain Shah would has to establish a Project Management Unit to oversee the project’s homework.

The commissioner would shortly begin to acquire the site, stating that they urgently needed the project to provide an alternate route for travelers between Rawalpindi and Islamabad and a permanent solution to monsoon flooding.

The Leh Nullah Expressway will measure 16.5 kilometres in length. 1,604 houses are expected to lie in the way of the proposed expressway, and 1,279 Kanals of land will be acquired – 1,035.9 private, 132.4 military, 54.72 Chaklala, and 56 Rawalpindi.

Former commissioner Mohammad Mehmood, detained by the Anti-Corruption Establishment in connection with the Rawalpindi Ring Road controversy, concluded the property acquisition survey in early 2021.

The Rawalpindi Ring Road and the Leh Expressway and Flood Channel are two big projects launched by the PTI government shortly after entering power. However, Prime Minister Imran Khan halted progress on the project because of allegations of corruption.

On December 25, the foundation stone for the Leh Expressway project will be placed. The 18-member panel will oversee and address all technical and legal issues that arise during the project and make sure that it is completed within the specified timeline.

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