After 32 years, college in Islamabad is still not functional

After 32 years, college in Islamabad is still not functional

After 32 years, college in Islamabad is still not functional. Despite 32 years, a college established in Mera Begwal near Bhara Kahu has never opened its doors to students, as successive governments have never made significant attempts to make it function. However, local PTI MNA Khurram Shahzad Nawaz is now attempting to rehabilitate the college.

Residents have petitioned Prime Minister Imran Khan to investigate the matter.

The college is on the outskirts of Islamabad and has seen only one change in the last 32 years: the repair of its building by a public sector university in 2013-14. Since then, the problem has remained unresolved.

Residents and officials stated that a polytechnic institute on Peshawar Road in Rawalpindi was shuttered in 1977 after becoming a frequent site of protests. According to officials, the former administration closed the college and transformed it into an EME college to end the ongoing protests on Peshawar Road.

According to the MNA, a letter has been sent to the education minister requesting that classes begin.

In 1985, the government established a new polytechnic college in Islamabad, and residents donated 232 Kanals to the cause.

Although construction of the structure was completed in 1989, the college has yet to be inaugurated.

Allama Iqbal Open University (AIOU) began classes there in 2013 and also invested millions of rupees in the building’s refurbishment. However, later, the AIOU chose to withdraw from the initiative, even though it had nothing to do with technical education.

A meeting was recently held to debate the college’s future. MNAs Khurram Shahzad Nawaz and Ali Nawaz Awan, Parliamentary Secretary Education Wajiha Qamar, and education department officials attended the meeting. After 32 years, college in Islamabad is still not functional

The participants stated that the structure would house both a technical and a model college. In addition, a part of the structure could also be used as a hospital facility.

According to sources, following the meeting, MNA Khurram Nawaz wrote a letter to Federal Education Minister Shafqat Mahmood pleading with him to make the building operational. The letter, dated Sept 9, stated: “Your attention is invited to the restoration of the Mera Begwal building, which was constructed nearly 30 years ago to provide technical education to the community, but the building has remained abandoned, and the community’s hopes have been dashed.”

The statement conducted a meeting on August 31 to discuss the matter at the community’s request. As a result, the group voted to open the building as a degree completed a meeting and technical college for males according to the letter.

The Federal Directorate of Education would provide teaching and support staff, equipment, and minor building repairs and maintenance.

“Because the community gave 232 Kanals of land, would use the additional property to provide health services to the community. They will build a 200-bed hospital for this purpose.”

According to the letter, regular classes at the college will begin in March and August 2022.

“In this circumstance, please direct your team to speed the process of repairing and maintaining the facility, as well as completing other essential procedures, as quickly as possible, so that admissions can begin at the scheduled times,” the letter said.

On the other hand, a resident stated that previous attempts were made but were unsuccessful.

“The prime minister should pay attention to this matter. His lone order might bring the college back to life,” he explained. After 32 years, college in Islamabad is still not functional

The MNA stated that he had written a letter to the education minister declaring that he would rectify the matter that why college in Islamabad is still not functional

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