AJK approves eleven development projects

AJK approves eleven development projects

Islamabad: According to news reports from February 14th, the Azad Jammu and Kashmir (AJK) government has authorized 11 development projects worth PKR 6 billion in various state districts.

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The Cabinet Development Committee (CDC) met, with Prime Minister of AJK Sardar Tanveer Ilyas Khan presiding. At the conference, five projects totaling PKR 3 billion for physical planning and housing, four projects for public works, and one project each for health and education were all authorized. The housing and physical planning sector projects include:

completion of the final facilities in the Supreme Court and High Court’s rebuilding
PKR 7,404 million will be spent on upgrading the water supply system in Palindri, District Sidhnuti.
The Larger Water Supply Project Hattian Bala cost PKR 437.1 million in total.
The High Court Building in Muzaffarabad will get an elevator installed for PKR 426.65 million. Hospital Chachoi’s Tehsil Headquarters Water Supply Project in the District of Kotli for PKR 663.3 million
PKR 866.8 million will be spent on finishing the last of the Water Supply System Phase-I at Rawlaot for the unfinished work on the Darek Dam.
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The projects that have been approved in communication and works include:

major squares in Muzaffarabad, the capital, are being renovated.
Building of an RCC bridge between District Bhimber’s Salar Nala and Panji, Kalri Kasgma Road, costing PKR 531.07 million.
Jandala Pir Gili Road Phase-I Improvements in the Bhimbar District
Kotli district’s remaining stretch of Kotli Nikyal Road would be renovated at a cost of PKR 488.7 million.

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