Announcement of built-up property allocations for CDA Sector C-13

Announcement of built-up property allocations for CDA Sector C-13

Islamabad Deputy Commissioner Sardar Mohammad Asif has taken a significant move towards addressing the issue of unauthorized constructions and ensuring equity in property allocation by announcing the built-up property award for Sector C-13, according to August 17 news reports.

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Deputy Commissioner Sardar Mohammad Asif reportedly led a committee established prior to the announcement of the award. From the district administration, this committee recruited Assistant Commissioner Sadar Second Tehsil Saniya Hamid Pasha and HVC Naseer Olakh. They collaborated assiduously to establish a transparent and impartial property allocation procedure.

Recent operations in Sector C-13, specifically in Shah Allah Ditta, uncovered illegal structures. This resulted in a thorough evaluation of the situation and the compilation of a list of 2,800 alleged affected individuals. However, further investigation revealed that many of these identities were fictitious and without authorization. It was discovered that only 112 of the initial 759 unlawful structures mentioned met legal requirements.

It was discovered that individuals who were not genuinely affected by the action were added to the list of those affected, including those whose properties were removed due to encroachments.

Under the direction of the member estate of the Capital Development Authority, DC Sardar Mohammad Asif enacted stringent rules to ensure that only legitimately affected properties receive the property built-up award. 328 individuals qualified for ‘A’ category plots, 108 for ‘B’ category plots, and 186 for ‘C’ category plots in Sector C-13.

CDA intends to improve urban service and infrastructure

A exhaustive document review revealed a total of 644 legitimate recipients of the award, while 2,156 names were excluded due to fraudulent claims. This comprehensive process, according to a CDA spokesperson, demonstrates their dedication to transparently awarding properties, while also addressing encroachments and unauthorised constructions in Sector C-13, thereby ensuring a fair and equitable outcome.

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