Bahria Town and Citi Housing in Peshawar without NOC: government

Bahria Town and Citi Housing in Peshawar without NOC: government

PESHAWAR: The caretaker administration in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa has alerted residents of the province about “possible” fraud involving investments in private home projects that were started there without receiving a no objection certificate (NOC) from authorities.

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Our investigation has shown that Citi Housing and Bahria Town in Peshawar lack the necessary NOCs and other legal documents to function, yet they continue to sell forms. Only those housing developments with a NOC should receive people’s hard-earned money, said provincial communications minister Feroze Jamal Shah Kakakhel during a press conference on Wednesday.

He claimed that while some of those housing plans’ offices had been shut down by the authorities, the rest would soon follow.

The minister announced that a probe into housing societies operating without a NOC had been requested by the Chief Minister’s Inspection Team.

The minister urges people not to fund certain projects.

He declared, “We will welcome investment, but it shouldn’t come at the expense of the people’s hard-earned cash.

The minister urged people to refrain from purchasing membership forms for housing developments that had not received official approval.

He said that authorities were taking action against people who stocked up on necessities while also recovering Rs 4 million in unpaid debt from energy users.

8,000 wheat sacks and 90,000 litres of edible oil, according to Mr. Kakakhel, were seized as part of a hoarding crackdown.

Later, in a statement, the minister’s office quoted him as saying that the province government could only pay its departments once it had money.

The province’s portion of the National Finance Commission Award had increased to 19%, he continued, but the government still owed the province Rs262 billion in back taxes.

According to the minister, the province has received Rs1.5 trillion in hydel profit payments from the centre since 2016.

He continued by saying that paying dues might aid in resolving the province’s financial problems.

According to Mr. Kakakhel, in order to combat dollar, gold, and sugar smuggling as well as electricity theft, the government established a task force under the direction of the home secretary.

After the Pakistani Election Commission releases its schedule, he stated, the polls would take place.

The minister explained that because of the most current population count, constituency delimitation was taking place as required by the constitution.

He claimed that since December 2021, the Federal Investigation Agency has conducted 440 searches, made 519 arrests, closed 44 stores, and filed 440 cases against foreign exchange operators for engaging in illegal currency trade.

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