Blue World City's CEO Saad Nazir & Chairman Bahria Town Malik Riaz Meeting

Blue World City’s CEO Saad Nazir & Chairman Bahria Town Malik Riaz Meeting

The two real estate legends Malik Riaz, the chairman of Bahria Town, is well-known among developers, as is Saad Nazir, the first visionary developer from Pakistan who is currently working on a proposal in Pakistan for a tourist destination analogous to Dubai. The significant news for investors in Blue World’s City is that these two legends have begun a meeting in Dubai, where Chairman Blue World City has given Malik Riaz the vision for his development on main Chakri Road Islamabad and has also solicited his opinions.

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They also address many safe investment options that investors can take advantage of in the near future. The Chairman of Blue World City ensured that these two newly emerging developers would create fresh, contemporary work on this particular society so that those who would live in it would benefit from it. This is a victory for Blue World City for such cooperative conversations.

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