CDA asked to fix Murree Road near Bhara Kahu

CDA asked to fix Murree Road near Bhara Kahu

According to September 21 news reports, the National Highways Authority (NHA) has requested that the Capital Development Authority (CDA) prioritize the repair and renovation of the segment of Murree Road that was damaged during the construction of the Bhara Kahu Bypass.

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Pursuant to the provided information, numerous complaints from the public regarding the poor and uneven condition of the road prompted the NHA to convene a meeting with CDA officials. The meeting, convened by the NHA Member Engineering and Coordination and attended by officers from both organizations, was held at the NHA headquarters.

During the meeting, NHA representatives implored the CDA to immediately begin repairs on Murree Road to alleviate the public’s inconvenience. The Director General of the CDA and other officials reassured NHA officials that work would commence shortly, and the department has already begun discussions with the National Logistic Cell (NLC) regarding this matter.

Murree Road is under the jurisdiction of the NHA, whereas the Bhara Kahu bypass is under the control of the CDA. During the construction of the bypass, significant harm was caused to the section of Murree Road beneath the flyover. Despite the completion of the bypass, the CDA has not yet begun maintenance.

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