CDA decided to remove intrusions from trade centers

CDA decided to remove intrusions from trade centers

Shahjahan Khan, Deputy Director General of Enforcement for the Capital Development Authority (CDA), said on December 5 that the authority is working on a plan to get rid of the problem of encroachments in trade centers around the city.

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Deputy Director General Khan said this at a press conference after meeting with a group from the Islamabad Chamber of Commerce and Industry (ICCI). He said that the Enforcement Directorate had already surveyed key marketplaces to find illegal businesses. A plan is already being made to remove illegally built structures and encroachments from all over the city. He said that the CDA is doing everything it can to make it easy and safe to do business in the capital city.

Mr. Khan went on to say that the government is in touch with local business groups and has decided to get their help before starting the operation. The project will involve removing things that are in the way of sidewalks and moving some showrooms to a better place. Il was pointed out that the operation would bring back Islamabad’s elegance, which had been taken over by illegal business.

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