CDA intends to convert streetlights and offices to solar power

CDA intends to convert streetlights and offices to solar power

ISLAMABAD: The city government has decided to hire a consultant to find out if it would be possible to use solar energy to power streetlights and other buildings.

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A meeting was held at the offices of the Capital Development Authority (CDA) to decide to hire a consultant.

At the meeting, which was led by CDA Chairman Mohammad Usman Younis, people from Engineering, Planning, and Design, as well as other officers, were present.

In a press release, it was said that the Chairman of the CDA had asked for a consultant to be hired so that, based on what the city of Islamabad might need in the future, clean and green energy equipment could be put in the right places and a financial feasibility report could be made.

He also said that PC-II should be made as soon as possible and put before the next meeting for approval. The head of the CDA also said that the clean and green energy project is the most important thing the country needs right now, and that the CDA will become a modern organization and do its best to move all of its streetlights and offices to this project.

The chairman was quoted in the press release as saying that switching the lights to a solar system would not only save more energy but also cut costs by a lot.

There are more than 40,000 streetlights in Islamabad, and CDA and the Islamabad Electric Supply Company couldn’t agree on how to bill for them.

Last year, both groups said hurtful things about each other.

In the meantime, a press release said that the CDA had big operations on Tuesday to stop illegal building in different parts of Islamabad. Because of these operations, heavy machinery was used to tear down dozens of illegal buildings.

During these operations, 13 truckloads of encroachment materials and 60 kanals of land were taken back.

In Mouza Kuri Dhok Balag, a suburb of Islamabad, where the land mafia was trying to take over government land, these operations began. Revenue Department CDA carried out demarcation process. These buildings were found on the land that CDA bought. In the light of the indications of environment department, the attempt of 60 kanals land by demolishing the vast four walls built on the CDA land was foiled, the press release said.

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