CDA Introduces an Innovative Online Property Verification System

CDA Introduces an Innovative Online Property Verification System

Islamabad: The Capital Development Authority (CDA) has implemented an innovative online property verification system, significantly transforming how property proprietors authenticate their assets.

By allowing users to conduct property verifications from the convenience of their residences, this cutting-edge digital platform obviates the necessity for in-person visits to CDA offices.

Users can obtain a verification certificate as evidence of ownership and access comprehensive information regarding their property once the verification process is complete.

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The online property verification system provides many advantages, such as increased efficiency, time savings, enhanced protection against manipulation and forgery, and increased transparency.

As part of its more significant commitment to digitalization and improving public services, CDA has launched this initiative. The CDA endeavours to alleviate the burden on its offices and ensure a seamless experience for citizens by decreasing the necessity for in-person visits.

By introducing this platform, the CDA demonstrates its commitment to modernizing its operations and incorporating technology to provide superior public service. A dedicated support staff is at the disposal of the CDA to assist users with the online verification procedure.

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