CDA is Set to Commence Construction on the Halted Kuri Model Village

CDA is Set to Commence Construction on the Halted Kuri Model Village

Islamabad: The Capital Development Authority (CDA) is prepared to commence construction on the suspended Kuri Model Village and will, for the first time, affix bar codes to the land-affected population’s files to prevent fraudulent allotments.

The CDA appears to be carrying out the September directives of the Islamabad High Court (IHC) to commence development work within a month.

On Tuesday, CDA will provide IHC with a report detailing the progress towards initiating the issuance of allotment letters and development work in advance. According to sources, the CDA acquired land for the development of the model village decades ago; however, no significant progress was made on the ground after the announcement of the award.

According to the sources, CDA management has determined that the development work will be conducted in segments, with the revenue estate of Kuri (consisting of four proposed blocks A through D) serving as the site for the initial phase.

In the interim, CDA Chairman Anwarul Haq instructed the relevant division on Thursday to reduce the involvement of intermediaries such as real estate brokers and to initiate assigning bar codes to plot files. All 2700 afflicted individuals should be provided with their allotment letters transparently.

According to him, the original proprietors ought to be granted access to the documents, and the CDA should generate bar-coded files and deliver the allocation letters to them.

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“They ought to be treated with esteem when receiving their allotment letters,” the chairman reportedly stated.

After vacating all stay orders, the IHC authorized the CDA to commence development work on the suspended Kuri Model Village project in September of this year.

A CDA representative stated that the organization entered into a package agreement with the villagers of Kuri in 2008. As part of this agreement, the CDA declared the built-up property (BuP) award in 2010. Nonetheless, some individuals challenged the BuP in the 2013 IHC.

Likewise, he stated additional cases had been submitted to the IHC.

The IHC, however, revoked all stay orders and instructed the CDA to commence development within a month a few months ago.

CDA representatives stated that the three revenue estates of Majohan, Rehara, and Kuri could provide tens of thousands of housing units, as they constituted approximately four residential sectors in Islamabad.

On average, a residential sector spans 750 acres. The land was acquired by the CDA in 1968, and the award for developed property was declared in 1971. In 2009, the civic agency unveiled a revised award that sparked controversy due to allegations of corruption and fraudulent entries about developed property, leading to legal disputes and investigations. However, the civic agency did not acquire the land by removing the residents’ objections.

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