CDA Launched a Digital Platform for Online Property Verification

CDA Launched a Digital Platform for Online Property Verification

Islamabad:  The Capital Development Authority’s (CDA) online setup has been formally introduced as a significant step toward digital transformation.

Municipal service-related rules and regulations will be accessible to all citizens with a single click. An assortment of CDA forms and documents will likewise be accessible online.

CDA Chairman Anwarul Haq states that the organization’s digital platform will enhance service delivery. To prevent record tampering and forgery, the CDA is implementing secure paper for issuing allocation and transfer letters; he referred to digitalization as an essential measure.

Haq believed implementing digitalization in CDA services would effectively mitigate misconduct, fraudulent transactions, and record tampering complaints.

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In addition to implementing a tree management system as part of the authority’s technology-driven initiatives, he disclosed that extensive lands will be digitalized with field personnel and satellite imagery.

The new system will assist the governing body in identifying arid land, trees, and plant information to prevent encroachment and unauthorized construction on the capital’s land.

According to reports, the digital platform for property authentication systems will raise the confidence of overseas Pakistanis. As a result of the most recent system, CDA services are now accessible online, eliminating the need for individuals to visit CDA offices.

Additionally, the CDA chairman stated that the tendering process has been moved online to increase transparency. Residents of the federal capital will be responsible for paying any outstanding utility bills, property taxes, or other arrears at their residence.

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