CDA took Measures for Capital's Environmental Landscape Transformation

CDA took Measures for Capital’s Environmental Landscape Transformation

Islamabad: The Capital Development Authority (CDA) declared its dedication to the execution of environmentally sustainable projects that will bring about significant changes and improve the overall ecological condition of the federal capital.

An extensive network of bicycle lanes throughout the city, an automated system for parking cars, the implementation of electric vehicles, and tree-planting campaigns are among the innovative endeavors that have contributed to the development of an environmentally sustainable era of electronic mobility in Islamabad.

The ambitious plans were detailed by CDA spokesperson Nauman Khalid in an interview with a private news channel. “To mitigate carbon emissions and address environmental concerns, we are implementing cycling and electric bus initiatives in the nation’s capital,” he said.

An extensive fleet exceeding 200 electric buses is slated to be installed in Islamabad, providing locals with an environmentally sustainable means of transportation that mitigates traffic congestion and enhances route connectivity; thus, it will contribute to the overall improvement of the climate.

Khalid underscored the significance of the proposed cycling track as a comprehensive endeavor that seeks to establish a secure bicycle route network throughout the entire city of Islamabad, thereby guaranteeing both safe and accessible cycling conditions.

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This endeavor serves the dual purpose of advocating for environmentally sustainable transportation and providing a fair means of commuting for the constituents. Additionally, the CDA is collaborating with banks to implement an automated vehicle parking system, a solution to the city’s longstanding parking issues, according to the spokesperson. Regarding apprehensions regarding green spaces, he declared, “The CDA, in conjunction with institutions, has initiated a comprehensive initiative to plant trees to enhance the urban environment. Our objective is to involve educational institutions and the public in the preservation of Islamabad’s natural attractiveness, a municipality founded to promote environmental sustainability.”

Khalid underscored the significance of preserving reclaimed land, stating, “The CDA is dedicated to mitigating the risk of re-encroachment on retrieved land and expanding green spaces across the city via extensive tree-plantation initiatives.” Beyond the mere act of planting new trees, our focus is on formulating a comprehensive maintenance strategy for the existing trees to safeguard their enduring well-being and security.

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