CDA requests FWO to speed up the Rawal Dam Interchange project

CDA requests FWO to speed up the Rawal Dam Interchange project

News sources say that on Wednesday, July 20, Amir Ali Ahmad, the head of the Capital Development Authority (CDA), asked the Frontier Works Organization (FWO) to speed up work on the Rawal Dam Interchange Project. The chairman said that the project’s location in the city makes it very important.

Reports say that the CDA chairman went to the construction site and was told how fast the project is coming along right now. In light of the current monsoon season, the FWO team told the chairman about the different stages and developments of different projects.

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FWO officials say that both interchange ramps are moving along quickly. Filling work on one ramp is done, and sub-grade work is going on at the other. Also, it was said that the project would be done by October and ready for traffic. The multibillion-rupee project includes several slip roads, one underpass, an overhead bridge, and a second underpass that connects Margalla Town. Near Murree Road, Club Road, and Park Road, the project is being built. When the project is done, it will make it easier for people to drive on this part of Murree Road, where traffic jams have become common.


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