CDA Residential Sectors faces slow development

CDA Residential Sectors faces slow development

Islamabad: In several of the Capital Development Authority’s (CDA) residential sectors, construction is moving at a glacial pace due to problems with land possession and disagreements with contractors.

With approximately 2,000 plots, these areas have the potential to be significant in helping the nation’s capital overcome its housing crisis. A new sector has yet to be developed by the civic agency, even though this is the CDA’s primary responsibility (F-11 and D-12).

The civic authority is developing six sectors in the federal capital: E-12, C-14, C-15, C-16, I-12, and I-15. The other residential sectors, except C-14 and C-15, show slow development.

Despite 34 years, development work is still not finished in E-12, one of the oldest sectors that began in 1989.

Legal disputes between contractors and land ownership impact E-12, C-16, I-15, and I-12 development projects.

A contractor was recruited in 2020 to develop sub-sectors 2 and 3 after development work in two sub-sectors had already begun a few years earlier.

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The contractor began work in December 2021, and the project was due in June 2023. The CDA terminated the agreement with the contractor last year because he abandoned the unfinished project. A fresh tender could not be issued because the contractor had taken legal action against the CDA.

In December 2022, development activity in this sub-sector began concerning E-12/1. Half of the job is done now. The CDA had originally sought bids for development work in sub-sector E-12/4 in 2022, but “adverse possession of land” prevented the projects. At some point, the bid validity time ended, and CDA is now required to start the bidding process.

The CDA has granted extensions to the contractor, allowing them to finish the construction work in Sector I-12 later than the original December 2023 deadline. According to sources, The job will still be outstanding when the fiscal year concludes in June. Similarly, the service roads in this area have also been behind schedule for a while.

With the development of its two sub-sectors, the I-15 sector is doing somewhat better than the sectors above. The development work is currently underway in one of the sub-sectors. However, the contractor for sub-sector one has resigned, and the CDA will be inviting alternative bids.

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During the current fiscal year, the C sectors (C-14 and C-15) are anticipated to be finished developing. There has been a holdup in C-16.

The CDA had previously given contracts for two of the four sub-sectors, but after a few months of work, the landowners demanded compensation and an award for built-up property, and the project came to a standstill. Construction on the other two areas could not begin because of problems with land ownership.

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