WAPDA to Initiate the Swat River Diversion at Mohmand Dam Project

WAPDA to Initiate the Swat River Diversion at Mohmand Dam Project

Peshawar: Wapda plans to forward the Swat River at the Mohmand Dam, currently under construction in PESHAWAR. Per the established schedule, the project’s diversion system is progressing consistently toward completion.

The dam is being built across the Swat River. In addition, the chairman oversaw a progress review meeting held at the project office, during which he was briefed on the slope excavation, diversion scheme, and slope stabilization and concreting at the spillway.

In addition, the meeting was provided with an update on the powerhouse support works, irrigation tunnel excavation, structures being built across the canals, and the completion of the permanent access roadways on both the river’s right and left banks.

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It was communicated to the meeting that the workplaces and personnel had been transferred indefinitely to the recently built facilities near the undertaking. Additionally, the remaining staff would occupy a limited number of finished structures.

The chairman of Wapda, underscoring the importance of an expeditious dam completion, ordered the deployment of additional resources to accelerate quarry development activities for the dam, according to the press release.

The completion of the multipurpose Mohmand Dam is slated for 2026. Eight hundred megawatts of installed capacity and 2.86 billion units of annual electricity generation are featured.

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