CDA to award contract for Park Road widening and maintenance

CDA to award contract for Park Road widening and maintenance

Since the Rawal Dam Interchange is done, the Capital Development Authority (CDA) has decided to give the contract for widening and fixing up Park Road soon. This was reported on December 19.

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Officials from the CDA’s engineering branch, whose names were not given, said that the authority has asked government-run companies to submit bids in accordance with rule 42(F) of the Public Procurement Regulatory Authority. Railcop and National Logistics Cell were two of the companies that bid on the job (NLC).

Also, the officials said that once all the legal requirements have been met, the bid will be given to the CDA chairman for approval. Once the bid is accepted, the CDA will give orders for the project to start in earnest.

The details show that the project will be done in six months. As part of the project, Park Road will be fixed up and made wider from Rawal Chowk to Tramari Chowk. The PC-1 says that one more lane will be added to each side, making it a three-lane road, and that the lanes that are already there will be fixed.

People have been having trouble getting on and off the road, which is 7.4 kilometres long. The news source said that the road in question has two lanes and is in bad shape. So, fixing up Park Road will solve the problem of traffic.

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