CDA to evaluate pre-qualification proposals for parking plazas’ construction

CDA to evaluate pre-qualification proposals for parking plazas’ construction

On November 14, news sources said that the Capital Development Authority (CDA) had started to look at the pre-qualification bids from 17 companies to build five plaza projects in the city.

The project is one of six parking plaza plans for the Blue Area, which would be able to hold about 3,500 cars. According to news reports, 17 companies have sent pre-qualification proposals to the CDA selection committee. The authority will review these proposals over the next two weeks to choose qualified companies for the project. A CDA official told the media that after the first inspection, the CDA would put out a tender, and only the companies that were pre-qualified after the first inspection would be able to bid.

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The idea is that the CDA would sell a few levels of Blue Area parking plazas to pay for the costs of building the project. CDA officials say that about 350,000 cars enter and leave Islamabad every day. The same number of cars belong to people who live in the city, and the growth rate of car ownership in Islamabad is much higher than the national growth rate.


It’s important to note that CDA is currently building one of the six planned plazas at Savour Foods. This plaza will have enough space for 1,300 cars. The National Logistic Cell (NLC) is working on the project, which has a budget of PKR 1.2 billion.

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