CDA to Introduce Parameters for Solid Waste Management in Islamabad

CDA to Introduce Parameters for Solid Waste Management in Islamabad

Islamabad: To address the challenges associated with solid waste management in Islamabad housing societies, the Capital Development Authority (CDA) has implemented new regulations for housing societies throughout the city as proactive measures.

By the regulatory framework, it will be mandatory for every housing society to provide the CDA with a comprehensive plan delineating the construction of designated areas for the disposal of solid refuse on their properties. Furthermore, consultation with the CDA’s Environment Department will be sought to guarantee compliance with environmental regulations and standards.

They will establish and maintain waste disposal sites for all residential units under the housing societies’ jurisdiction. Moreover, they shall be responsible for the continuous costs of refuse management services, thus contributing to the municipality’s sustainability initiatives.

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To ensure adherence, housing societies that neglect to acquire the requisite permits will be prohibited from using CDA’s dumping sites to dispose of refuse. On the contrary, they will be required to effectively handle solid waste on their premises until the CDA issues formal sanction.

The regulations above demonstrate the CDA’s dedication to encouraging conscientious waste management strategies and advocating for an environmentally sustainable environment within the residential areas of Islamabad.

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