Citi Housing Jhelum


Citi housing Jhelum is one of Jhelum’s modern and magnificent housing projects. Moreover, the developers are notable in this field and have several residential projects that signify their efforts in delivering the best living standards to all the investors. Furthermore, their dream is to offer all the amenities in a single community at reasonable prices. Therefore, investing here will not be less than bliss. Most importantly, the location is the best aspect of this residential scheme as it is near to all the main routes making it one of the most accessible housing societies. Lastly, to know in-depth about this residential society, continue reading.

Owners & Developers

The developers of this housing scheme are Citi housing developers. Moreover, they are famous for coming up with exceptional real estate projects. Furthermore, their development projects are around the country, where they offer the best living conditions to all residents at affordable prices. And their focus is to provide investors with all amenities and high-quality features in a single gated community. Moreover, some outstanding residential projects are Citi housing Multan, Citi Housing Faisalabad, Citi Housing Sialkot, and Citi Housing Gujranwala. Lastly, they have a team of professional architects and subject matter experts to do suitable residential projects.

NOC Status

The no-objection certificate is a crucial document in the eyes of all investors. And as we know, legality matters a lot in the long-term investment. Furthermore, to attain the confidence of the future residents, the housing society is here with all legal status. Most importantly, the developers have several housing projects around the country that gives confidence to all the investors. Moreover, real estate investment is not something you can do every day. Therefore, thorough research and proper guidance are mandatory before investing in any real estate project. Lastly, to know the legal status details visit the estate land marketing website.  

Location & Map

The location is also a vital aspect that works as a deciding factor in the real estate investment. And as discussed before, this is a long-term investment. Therefore, choosing a location close to the vital aspects like the main routes, schools, and hospitals will be wise. Furthermore, the site of this housing scheme is at the main Grand Trunk Road in the middle of Jhelum and Dina City. And the GT road helps in increasing the accessibility of this residential society. Moreover, it is near to Punjab University Jhelum Campus. So, the investment here will be a valuable decision as in the Blue World City Islamabad.

Citi housing Jhelum location

Citi housing Jhelum Payment Plans

Prices are another factor that comes into all investor’s minds before investing in any real estate project. Therefore, the developers make sure to plan an affordable payment plan that anyone can decide to invest in this housing society. Moreover, the developers want to provide living conditions to all the residents at reasonable prices, like the Kingdom Valley Islamabad. And to help the investors in the buying process, the developers have offered them an instalment plan. Moreover, there are several blocks and properties available at reasonable prices. Lastly, the details of the payment plans are as follows:

Eifell Tower Block Payment Plan

The properties available here are from the five marlas to two Kanals. Moreover, the plot prices start from PKR 1,850,000/- to PKR 12,150,000/-. Furthermore, there is an instalment plan to help the investors. And the instalment program has quarterly instalments. However, the investors will have to pay the down payment initially. Lastly, all the other details are as follows.

Citi housing Jhelum payment plan

Hyde Park Block Payment Plan

There are also several properties available here at affordable prices. Moreover, the prices here are range from PKR 2,475,000 to PKR 1,45,00,000/-. Furthermore, a quarterly instalment option is also present here to ease the buying process. Lastly, the details of this payment plan are as follows:

Citi housing Jhelum payment plan

Master Plan

Developers provide several properties to all the residents and the investor. Moreover, the focus of the developers is to design a high-quality infrastructure for all the investors to provide them with a high-end living experience. Furthermore, both residential and commercial properties are available here. And several sizes of the plots are also available so the residents can invest here according to their preferences.

Citi housing Jhelum masterplan


Several blocks are present in the master plan—moreover, all these blocks have commercial and residential properties. Furthermore, numerous facilities will be current to offer sustainable living conditions to all the residents. Some of the blocks available here are the Eifell tower block, hyde park block, overseas block. And the best aspect is they are available at an affordable price range. Moreover, there are other blocks also available to fulfil the living requirement of the investors.

Residential Plots

These are most of the properties available here. And there are serval sizes of properties available here starting from the five marlas to 2 Kanal. Moreover, all the properties are highly affordable with an instalment plan. Furthermore, the payment plan is also discussed before to investors an idea about the prices of the properties. Lastly, professional guidance is vital before investing in any real estate project.

Commercial Plots

Commercial properties are also a significant feature of all societies. Moreover, it helps the residents grow themselves economically as they can start their own business according to their preferences. Furthermore, all the plots present here are reasons that will also be a plus to start any business endeavour. Most importantly, the instalment plan will help the investors in the initial investment. Therefore, investing here may yield better financial benefits.

Development Status

The housing society is developing fast. Moreover, the roads are ready to use. At the same time, the plots cutting is also complete. Furthermore, the residents also live here and enjoy high-quality living standards. And the investment in this housing society is growing day by day.

Similarly, the constriction work is also in full swing. Therefore, investment here now will be valuable. Once the development work is complete, the plots’ prices will also increase. Lastly, to get the latest details of the development status, visit the official website of Estate Land Marketing.

Citi housing Jhelum Features

Several features are available here to meet the residents’ high end and basic requirements. Some of them are as follows:

  • Provision of all Essentials
  • Health Clinics
  • Educational Institutions
  • Parks and Grounds
  • Parking Areas
  • Commercial Properties
  • Shopping Malls
  • Groceries and Markets
  • Salons and Spa
  • Grand Mosque
  • Graveyard
  • Fitness and Gym Area
  • CCTV Cameras
  • Security System
  • Eco-Friendly Environment


This residential property developer is eager to provide all investors with the greatest possible living experience. Furthermore, here are a few of them:

Provision of all Basics

All necessities, such as power, gas, and water, will be available. Furthermore, these facilities will be open 24 hours a day, seven days a week, to meet the residents’ everyday needs. And the best aspect is that all of this will be available at moderate costs. As a result, investment here will be beneficial.

Education and Healthcare Units

All residents require healthcare facilities to live in a healthy and sustainable environment. Furthermore, the healthcare units will meet worldwide standards, ensuring that all inhabitants have the most satisfactory medical experience possible. And these facilities will be available 24 hours a day, seven days a week in an emergency. Furthermore, educational institutions play an essential part in developing a community. As a result, schools and institutions are also available to assist the locals.

High-Quality Infrastructure 

High-quality infrastructure is one thing that developers keep in mind. Furthermore, to achieve high-end living conditions, high-quality infrastructure is required. As a result, investors in this residential complex will reap financial benefits, especially if the occupants have a business locally.

Serene Environment 

The developers are adhering to international urban planning guidelines. Furthermore, by employing this strategy, they will be able to reduce waste, allowing them to maximize the usage of construction materials. In addition, to bring freshness and serenity to the surroundings, a plantation drive is underway in this housing community.

Business Facilities

This residential complex also includes a commercial sector to aid future residents’ economic development. Furthermore, various retail properties are accessible in this area, allowing people to select the size of the property that best suits their needs. Finally, the properties are available at an affordable price with a payment plan.

Gated Community

The housing society is a gated community that will provide residents with a sense of security. Moreover, security is an essential component of maintaining a high standard of living. Therefore, there will also be the possibility of installing CCTV cameras to record all events. Furthermore, security guards will carry out their responsibilities to avoid any inconvenience.

Pros & Cons

There are numerous perks of living in this housing society. And the best of them are as follows:


  • High-Quality Infrastructure
  • Eco-Friendly Environment
  • Ideal Location
  • Affordable Payment Plan
  • Provision of all Necessities
  • Health Care facilities
  • Schools and Colleges
  • Markets and Malls
  • Fitness and Gym Area
  • Business Opportunities
  • Secured Gated Community
  • Community Support Centers
  • Farmhouses
  • Banks
  • Police Station and Fire Station
  • Zoo
  • Sports Club


  • The perception of expensive properties

Why Invest in Citi housing Jhelum?

While living in the housing society, all inhabitants will enjoy several benefits and privileges. Furthermore, the location is superb and will enhance the appeal of this residential development. Moreover, it is easily accessible from major highways, making this real estate property more approachable. Most importantly, the plot prices are reasonable. In addition, the availability of an instalment also encourages the investors’ purchasing power. Therefore, the investment here will generate long-term monetary benefits.


The Citi Housing Jhelum is a unique housing society designed to benefit residents and investors in Jhelum and the neighbouring areas. Furthermore, it is a fair housing project with investors’ faith and confidence. The main qualities of this home project are, first and foremost, the payment plan and the site location. Furthermore, the ability to pay in instalments will appeal to the bulk of clients. Moreover, the amenities accessible here will assist residents in maintaining high-quality living standards. As a result, investing in real estate here will be the most significant decision. Finally, visit the Estate Land Marketing website to learn more about this residential society.


Q1. What is Citi Housing Jhelum?

It is a housing scheme in Jhelum.

Q2. Where is its location?

The site is at the main Grand Trunk Road in the centre of Jhelum and Dina City.

Q3. Is the location accessible?

Yes, it is at the GT road close to Punjab University Jhelum Campus.

Q4. Who are the developers of this residential scheme?

Citi housing developers are the developers of this housing society.

Q5. Is the payment plan affordable?

Yes, the prices of the plots are reasonable.

Q6. Is an instalment plan available?

Yes, there is an instalment plan to help future residents in the buying process.

Q7. Is there is an option for commercial plots?

Yes, commercial plots are available to help the residents grow financially.

Q8. Is investing here a wise decision?

Of course, the housing society has a lot to offer at affordable prices.

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