CM allows construction of "Punjab House" in Gwadar

CM allows construction of “Punjab House” in Gwadar

News sources said that Punjab Chief Minister (CM) Pervaiz Elahi approved building the “Punjab House” in Gwadar on Friday, September 23.

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The new house will be built for the officials and administrative workers who come to the port city. Details show that at a meeting to talk about the province’s ongoing development projects, CM Elahi asked the provincial government to start the bidding process for building the official residence. He said that the project would be a step toward better relations between provinces. But no specific date was given for when the formal procedure would start.

It’s important to note that each territory’s provinces build provincial houses to house their staff and delegations when they come to visit. The homes will follow the rules and laws of the provinces where they are located. In another new development, Punjab recently turned a government building in Murree into Kohsar University (KU).

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