Completed conservation of Karachi's ancient Nusserwanjee Building

Completed conservation of Karachi’s ancient Nusserwanjee Building

Completed conservation of Karachi’s ancient Nusserwanjee Building. Indus Valley School (IVS) of Art and Architecture’s (IVS) Nusserwanjee Building has been cleaned up. The Sindh Exploration and Adventure Society (SEAS) Pakistan held an event at IVS on Monday night to celebrate that the building has been restored with help from the US Ambassador’s Fund for Cultural Preservation and the US Consulate General in Karachi. The event was held at IVS.

Stone-by-stone, it moved from Kharadar to IVS. It is said to be the largest stone-by-stone relocation project in the subcontinent, and it is named after a well-known philanthropist.

Mark Stroh, the US Consul General in Karachi, said that he often visits IVS because it’s a beautiful landmark building.

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SEAS Pakistan has restored the historic Nusserwanjee Building with help from the [US] Ambassador’s Fund for Cultural Preservation in Pakistan. We are delighted to be here to celebrate.” The fund helps protect all types of cultural heritage, including historic buildings, archaeological sites, and other forms of traditional expression, such as singing and dancing. As far back as 2001, the US has given more than $6.4 million in grants to projects in Pakistan that protect cultural heritage. The US Consulate has done three projects in Sindh. This is their third.

“We are so happy that our $140,000 grant for the restoration of the Nusserwanjee Building helped save, protect, and restore this important Karachi landmark to its original form.” People who work with us should be pleased, says Mr Strahov

People who want to keep historic places like this around say that the US mission backs this up because they know they have more value than just bricks and mortar: they help and inspire communities.

Dean and Executive Director of IVS, Dr Faiza Mushtaq, told the audience that IVS had been one of Pakistan’s best art and design schools for more than 30 years. People go to school in the Nusuerwanjee Building, which is a big part. It has studios from different departments and a gallery called IVS Gallery. Three years ago, there was some wear and tear in the building. In this case, Dr Asma Ibrahim and Dr Kaleemullah Lashari of SEAS were in charge of the project and helped get a grant for restoration work.

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