Completion of the Residential Status Survey of Chauntra Village

Completion of the Residential Status Survey of Chauntra Village

Islamabad: In synchronization with the ICT revenue directorate, the revenue directorate of the Capital Development Authority (CDA) has concluded a ground study concerning the housing status of Chauntra village. The civic agency designated the town for the Ministry of Defence in 2004, but the built-up property has not yet been demolished.

The rural community is next to sectors D-10 and E-10, where military equipment will be built.

According to CDA sources, the ground survey has been concluded, and the BuP award announcement is probable for January. 2004 saw the acquisition and allocation of the village to the Defence Ministry, from which developed land has yet to be removed.

He stated that the BuP list will be updated to include valid cases. The CDA indicates that the village was annexed in the 1960s. However, due to the civic agency’s failure to publicize the built-up property (BuP) award, additional construction was permitted on the acquired land. Presently, the village is inhabited by thousands in a minimum of 5,000 dwellings. In the region, there are also non-native inhabitants.

The CDA had conducted an operation in the region a few months prior that encountered significant opposition from the local populace.

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The land award for Mera Beri (Chontra), according to the CDA, was declared official in 1969. Affected parties had received compensation and rehabilitation benefits in exchange for the acquired land.

“As of the 1985 Suparco map, the number of houses amounted to thirty.” “At the time the CDA transferred this land to the relevant department for further use in 2004, it contained 342 dwellings,” the CDA official stated.

It was reported that there were fifteen to twenty families of legitimately affected residents. Eighty percent of the population consists of non-natives who have acquired CDA-acquired property via stamp papers or rented houses constructed by locals.

As per sources, the CDA and the Ministry of Defence have agreed that any further construction will result from the postponement of the BuP award. According to the sources, numerous discussions regarding the village’s land have occurred over the past three months.

According to the sources, a steering committee has also been established under the direction of the Defense Minister.

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