Constituted committee to finalise Dir Motorway land acquisition

Constituted committee to finalise Dir Motorway land acquisition

Khyber Pakhtunkhwa (KP) Chief Minister (CM) Mahmood Khan set up a committee on Sunday (October 23) to make sure that the land acquisition process for the 30-kilometer-long Dir Motorway is done on time, according to news sources.

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The committee’s job is to deal with land-related issues in the area where the project is supposed to happen. The participants were also told that, according to the initial plan, the Dir Motorway will be 30 kilometres long, have four lanes, and have two tunnels. There will also be two highway tunnels built, one in Dara Adamkhel and the other in the Karak area. The Peshawar-DI Khan Motorway project, which is 365 km long and has six lanes and 19 interchanges, was also talked about at the meeting.

CM Mehmood emphasised at the time that the goal of his government is to give citizens amenities at any cost. He said that building a network of highways and roads is one of the things that will help people get around better.

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