Contract won for the development of I-12 two capital markets subsectors

Contract won for the development of I-12 two capital markets subsectors

Two sub-sectors of the I-12 sector, which has more than 6,000 residential plots that haven’t been built, have been given to a company by the city managers.

Once the sector grows, it will be a big part of making affordable housing in Islamabad.

The development of the sector has been taking a long time. CDA officials say that on Sunday, they approved the lowest bid of Rs542 billion for development work that included building streets, a drainage system, and a sewer system in I-12/2 and I-12/3, as well as a sewer system.

Officials from the CDA said that estimates were being worked out before tenders were put out for development work in the other two sub-sectors.

People in this area used to get contracts from the city to build major and service roads, but both could not be finished because of a lot of disagreements between people.

Roads, drainage, and sewerage networks will be built with the lowest bid of Rs542 billion. The CDA says the lowest bid was accepted for the project.

An FIR against several officials from the Central Development Authority (CDA) was filed a few months ago by the Federal Investigation Agency (FIA). They are accused of having helped to make mistakes in the development of service roads in I-12.

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The FIR said that a contractor was hired to build service roads East, West, and North. After that, the file was given to the right person with a proposal for changing the work.

According to the FIR, before the contract was signed, there were questions about the development work. Therefore, officers in charge of the engineering wing and the contractor should be investigated.

The FIR also said that illegal changes were made, such as moving the concrete specification from Class A-I to Class A-3, which is unlawful.

In 2015, the CDA gave a contract worth Rs 248.4 million to build major roads that aren’t done yet.

The work on the main roads could not be done because of a dispute between the contractor and the civic agency because of a survey of teachers. Officials from the CDA said that a further study was done later, but about 20% of work on major roads was still not done.

This is what happened in 2020: The CDA approved PC-1 worth Rs8.21 billion for the sector’s development. This money will be used for everything from complete infrastructure development to electrical and mechanical work and amenities, and other services. People in charge of this project said that by 2023, the sector was supposed to be fully grown and ready.

The I-12 sector has been around for a long time and has more than 6,000 acres. However, no real effort was made to grow the sector. Also, the undeveloped area has been used to dump things for many years.

People from the CDA said they were trying to move the temporary landfill site to a new place, and they were looking at different locations for that.

They said that last year, the CDA had planned to put the landfill site in H-16, but people living nearby and a court case meant that the landfill site couldn’t be moved there. However, they said that H-16 was only for institutions and not for people to live in. So, the CDA will ask the court to let them use it as a temporary landfill site. A long-term solution was being worked on by the CDA and the Rawalpindi Development Authority (RDA). They were working together to set up a scientific landfill site in Mandra.

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