DHA Bahawalpur extends surcharge waiver deadline

DHA Bahawalpur extends surcharge waiver deadline

Bahawalpur: The Defence Housing Authority (DHA) Bahawalpur has extended the deadline for utilizing its alluring surcharge waiver program in response to demands from clients from abroad. On October 3, the formal statement was published on the authority’s Facebook page.

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The surcharge waiver program’s deadline, which was originally scheduled to finish on September 30th, has now been extended until October 31st, giving international members more time to take advantage of a 100% surcharge relief. For members who might owe dues, this extension is a beneficial opportunity to settle their bills by the end of October.

All qualified members are urged to take advantage of this extended deadline by the authorities. In addition to ensuring compliance, paying off past due amounts by October 31 offers a sizable financial benefit due to the total surcharge waiver.

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