DHA Bahawalpur inaugurates Orchard Enclave

DHA Bahawalpur inaugurates Orchard Enclave

Bahawalpur: In a lavish inauguration ceremony, the Defence Housing Authority (DHA) Bahawalpur proudly revealed Orchard Enclave, its flagship real estate masterpiece. On September 14, the authority posted an official notification on its Facebook page.

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Significant highlights of the inaugural event were the groundbreaking ceremony, the logo reveal, the display of a scale model, an engaging Virtual Reality (VR) experience, and an unforgettable musical evening. Government representatives, investors, and notable visitors from all over the country attended this historic event on September 12.

The honor of launching this premium offering belonged to Project Management Committee President Lieutenant General Saqib Mehmood Malik HI (M). He praised the DHA Bahawalpur administration for turning the idea into a skillful development strategy.

The project’s success and its capacity to satisfy upscale lifestyle standards while revolutionizing real estate practices were both expressed with confidence by General Malik. He recognized the investors’ enthusiasm and the participants’ favorable feedback, anticipating their critical roles in the timely occupation of the limited land inventory. Furthermore, he pledged that the site’s development would proceed swiftly, guaranteeing Orchard Enclave a prosperous future.

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