DHA Bahawalpur inaugurates the 18th TDCP Cholistan Desert Rally

DHA Bahawalpur inaugurates the 18th TDCP Cholistan Desert Rally

Bahawalpur: According to a post published on the Defence Housing Authority (DHA) Bahawalpur’s official Facebook page on February 8, the 18th TDCP International Cholistan Desert Rally & Cultural Festival 2023’s opening ceremony was held there.

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The Grand Rohi Banquet Hall at DHA Bahawalpur hosted the launch event. According to the information provided, representatives from the DHA administration, district administrations, city, Capital Development Authority (CDA), TDCP, and Police attended the event together with dignitaries, navigators, racers, and notables. The ceremony’s main events included the unveiling of a trophy, the release of a teaser, and a cultural performance.

Additionally, Project Director Brig Basharat Ali praised the administration for organizing the big event in his speech at the ceremony and reaffirmed the DHA team’s ongoing commitment to hosting healthy events. The DHA administration reaffirmed its dedication to regionally promoting international sports.

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