DHA Multan extends the due date for installment payments

DHA Multan extends the due date for installment payments

Multan: The deadline for paying past-due installments has been extended, according to a recent announcement from the Defence Housing Authority (DHA) Multan. On November 4, this information was formally posted on the authority’s Facebook page.

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The DHA administration is happy to provide members this special chance to make up for missed payments, which will run through November 20, 2023, as stated in the article. In order to support our loyal members and provide them enough time to satisfy their financial obligations, we have granted this extension.

It is highly recommended that members make use of this extended period and pay any unpaid installments by the designated date. Plot or location ballot eligibility may be cancelled for failure to comply, and it’s important to remember that there won’t be any further extensions past November 20, 2023.

Members are encouraged to contact DHA Multan’s Finance Branch with any questions or issues regarding payments.

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