DHA Multan has outlined steps taken to facilitate partnerships

DHA Multan has outlined steps taken to facilitate partnerships

DHA Multan has outlined steps taken to facilitate partnerships. According to a post on the authority’s Facebook page, the Defense Housing Authority (DHA) Multan administration has taken extraordinary steps and cut fees to help its business partners.

As far as the specifics go, the administration has taken steps to help its business partners, such as an easy payment schedule for service benefit payments, the ability to make open transfers, and a fee waiver scheme. This is how they work:

The No Demand Certificate (NDC) has a validity period:

30 to 45 days have been added to the expiration date of the NDC code.
For 15 days after the validity period, there would be an extra charge of PKR 1,000 a day for every day that went by.
The benefits of the service come with a simple payment plan:

The service benefit payment schedule is cut from 20 years to three years when the person who gets the benefits moves.

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5 years instead of 3 years. There will be a 2022 Surcharge Waiver Scheme.

Paying by May 31, 2022, 100% of fees for instalments due until March 31, 2022, will be scrapped if they are paid by that date.
People who work for the DHA Multan Registered Realtors can do an open transfer.

For DHA Multan’s representatives, the transfer has been allowed for 60 days, including the time that the NDC is valid.
Realtors must give the authority an affidavit saying that the transfer will be done in 60 days.
Formalities on the buyer’s side must be done in the set time frame.

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