DHA Rahbar Lahore

DHA Rahbar Lahore

DHA Rahbar Lahore

DHA Rahbar Lahore is commonly known as DHA Phase XI. It is a Lahore Development Authority-approved property project of DHA Lahore. This residential scheme is developing under Defense Housing Authority (DHA) Lahore. It is situated right at main Defense Road Lahore and near Raiwind Road, Lahore Ring Road, and Ferozepur Road. The DHA Rahbar is split into four phases and providing a range of commercial and residential plots. The state-of-the-art infrastructure work has been completed in all four phases; however, in Phase IV, the development work is rapidly pacing. Earlier, Phase 1 and Phase 2 were developed. Thus both are densely populated now.

Owners & Developers

DHA Rahbar Lahore is a project developing by the DHA Lahore on highly sophisticated urban development principles that offer stunning yet affordable housing space in the heart of Lahore. The organization is famous for its versatile property securing and property development portfolio. Defense Housing Authority Lahore is a “Nationally recognized corporate” company that sought to provide the residents of Pakistan an opportunity to live the advanced models of modern living. The Defense Housing Authority, Lahore, commonly known as the Pakistan Defense Officers Housing Authority, Lahore, or DHA, Lahore, is the primary development in Pakistan with numerous remarkable projects to its credit. DHA is the primary choice for inhabitants in search of an affluent residential area in Pakistan.

Location and Map

DHA Rahbar Lahore is located right at main Defense Road Lahore and near Raiwind Road, Lahore Ring Road, and Ferozepur Road.  The location of Phase I and Phase II is on Defense Road. Whereas Phase III, otherwise known as Haloki Gardens, is located at the backside of Phase 1 and 2 across the Hudiara Drain and is linked by DHA Rahbar Main Boulevard. Phase IV is also situated on the main Defense Road, away from DHA Rahbar’s phases.

DHA Rahbar Lahore Location Map

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Nearby Landmarks

Following are some of the landmarks and areas that are near DHA Rahbar:

  • Bahria Town Lahore
  • Valencia Lahore
  • Dream Gardens Lahore
  • Model Town Lahore
  • Lake City Lahore
  • LDA Avenue
  • Sher Shah Colony
  • Audit and Accounts Housing Society Lahore
  • Kahna Railway Station
  • Green Town Lahore
  • PIA Housing Scheme Lahore
  • Islamapura
  • Halloki

The location is prime in the sense that it is:

  • Right on main Defense Road Lahore
  • 5 min drive from Raiwind Road Lahore
  • 3 min drive from Pine Avenue Lahore
  • 5 min drive from Lahore Ring Road (L-20)
  • 17 min drive from Multan Road Lahore

NOC Status

As DHA is a Housing Authority, it does not require a No  Objection Certificate or other verification. However, there are verifications needed on the applicants, such as a No Demand Certificate (NDC).

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DHA Rahbar Lahore Master Plan

DHA Rahbar Lahore’s master plan is designed precisely to inculcate all the advanced urban development principles. The master plan is composed of four phases. The master plan contains lots of room for future expansion and closely connects to the overall aims and objectives of the lodging society. In addition, it considers economic and other elements, such as utility infrastructure development, planning, purchase, and long-term viability. The senior facilities team guides DHA Lahore’s master planning effort, which also involves input from the organization. As a result, the master plan is a remarkable representation of organizational needs for the next twenty years.

Master Plan of Phase 1 & 2 DHA Rahbar

The housing society’s Phase I composes five distinct blocks. The houses and plots in these blocks vary in size from 10 Marla to 1 Kanal.

Phase 1 and 2 location map DHA Rahbar Lahore

Master Plan of Phase 3 (Haloki Garden) DHA Rahbar

Phase 3 DHA Rahbar Lahore location

Master Plan of Phase 4 DHA Rahbar

Phase 4 DHA Rahbar Lahore Location Map

DHA Rahbar Blocks

  • A Block
  • B Block
  • C Block
  • D Block
  • E Block
  • F Block
  • G Block
  • H Block
  • I Block
  • J Block
  • K Block
  • L Block
  • M Block
  • N Block
  • O Block
  • P Block
  • Q Block
  • R Block
  • S Block

Residential plots available in DHA Rahbar Lahore

  • 5 Marla
  • 8 Marla
  • 10 Marla
  • 1 Kanal

Commercial plots offered in DHA Rahbar Lahore:

  • 4 Marla
  • 8 Marla

Payment Plan

The payment plan for the plots in the housing society has been attached below. The payment plan varies for each sector according to the plot size and location. Extra charges for corner plots and those facing recreational parks etc.

Residential Plots Payment Plan

Payment Plan 5 marla DHA Rahbar lahore

8 Marla, 10 Marla and 1 Kanal Payment Prices

8 Marla, 10 Marla and 1 Kanal Payment plan

5 Marla Residential Plot Payment Prices



5 Marla plot prices


Facilities & Amenities

The DHA Rahbar Lahore is offering all the modern facilities and amenities at cost-effective rates. The facilities are a package of any modern luxurious society that is titled as a complete residential scheme. DHA Rahbar offers the following amenities:


Society is offering an eco-friendly close-to-the-natural lifestyle with all the modern amenities. The nature-close atmosphere provides a unique experience that an individual cannot find in other Pakistan’s housing societies. However, urban life is becoming increasingly busy, which makes people get away from the natural environment. Therefore, the housing society of DHA offers the residents a chance to attain a healthy lifestyle.

Grand Mosque

The residential society is catering to all the needs of the residents; this includes religious needs. Consequently, the developers of DHA Rahbar is building a beautiful grand Jamia mosque. The mosque is splendid with all the modern technology and architecture.

Water Resources

Society has considered the residents’ water needs. Henceforth, a water reservoir is developed to store ample amounts of water to be used by the resident for daily chores. In addition, a filtration plant is also being installed to ensure clean drinking water for the residents of the society.


Death is an inevitable part of life thus;, the graveyard is an essential part of any society. DHA Rahbar provides an ease to residents as they may decide to bury their dead relatives and pray for their eternal life’s success. Thus, they may also pay a visit to  the graves of loved ones within the society.

Community Center

Community centers will prove as a flare of social life to keep the individuals socially active. Therefore, residents will enjoy the social activities and participate as well.

Medical Care

The developers have paid special emphasis to the health facilities in the society. Resultantly, residents can ensure the best medical treatments in state-of-the-art international hospitals and clinics. In addition, the emergency is open 24/7. Thus, the staff and doctor is available all the time.

Educational Institutes

To ensure international level education to the children, the teaching staff is professionally trained in their specified fields to provide the best education.

Business and Commercial Hub

The economic and commercial needs of the residents are being looked after. Moreover, the housing society has an all-in-one commercial area. Therefore, the residents will not have to travel farther to fulfill all the commercial needs.

Gated Community

A gated community ensures safety, and it is an absolute necessity for the residents. A security system with thoroughly installed 24/7 CCTV cameras and other surveillance gear offers all-inclusive security to the people. In addition, the society is surrounded by a boundary wall containing a foolproof system to ensure a high safety level.

State-of- the-art-Infrastructure

The roads and other infrastructure is created with top professionalism and equipment to ensure the perfect development.  in addition, The main boulevard and street is wide and spacious enough to give away a beautiful look.

Salient Feature of DHA Rahbar Lahore

  • Cost-effective
  • Grand Mosque
  • Water Resources
  • Eco-Friendly
  • Educational Institutes
  • Club House
  • Commercial Area
  • 24/7 security
  • Quick repair and maintenance
  • Boundary Wall
  • Gated community
  • Quality Development
  • Water, Gas, Electricity
  • Underground electrification
  • Sewerage and waste disposal system
  • State of the art infrastructure development
  • Sports complex with indoor and outdoor facilities
  • Medical Facilities

Pros and Cons


  • 24/7 Power and utilities
  • Educational Institutes
  • Theme Parks/Recreational Activities
  • Grocery and shopping center/Markets
  • Serene and healthy environment/secure atmosphere
  • Gated community with safety gates, surveillance mechanism, CCTV Cameras and guards
  • Very near to the central locations & other societies
  • The spacious and well-planned carpeted main boulevard, roads, streets, lanes & walk-ways for pedestrians
  • Well-designed drainage & waste disposal systems
  • Green, innovative and sustainable housing society
  • Police Station for law & order
  • Solid waste disposal system


  • Perception of high plot prices
  • Clients’ perception that it is far from the main city of Lahore

Why should I invest in DHA Rahbar Lahore?

The architects built the entire society to facilitate optimum security and a secure environment for its residents. However, numerous people have begun searching for plots in housing after being amazed by the security measures. Moreover, the military services are in charge of guaranteeing safety in the Defense Housing Authority. Furthermore, the community residents are not responsible for investing in security systems independently.

In addition, DHA Rahbar offers residents recreational activities as well as restaurants. Locals can eat at their preferred international restaurant chains such as, KFC, Gloria Jeans,Pizza Hut  and McDonald’s are all within the vicinity and several other popular eateries.

Moreover, DHA Rahbar is well-planned and organized, with all of the residents’ basic to high-end demands in consideration. Clubs, medical care, horticultural facilities, recreational and clubs, mosques, cemeteries, libraries, shopping markets, and more are present onsite. Furthermore, through a premeditated strategy, grocery stores, pharmacies, universities, and gas stations have been tactically located close to all blocks and phases.

Pro Tips

  1. Financial security: Before finalizing any transaction, make sure that your funds align with your purchase plan. This eliminates any hassle in the future.
  2. Verification: Verify all the documentation with complete satisfaction to avoid any misunderstanding. Additionally, inquire about the approval of the housing society from the respective authority.


DHA Rahbar Lahore is a remarkable housing society developed by DHA Lahore. Investors and residents seeking profitable future yields shall consider this for more queries regarding real estate options available, contact or visit Estate Land Marketing.


Q1. What is DHA Rahbar Lahore?

Ans. It is an excellently designed housing society in the vicinity of the city of Lahore.

Q2. Where is it located?

Ans. It is strategically located between Raiwind Road, Lahore Ring Road, and Ferozepur Road.

Q3: Is it an approved and legal housing society?

Ans. Yes, the no-objection certificate of DHA Rahbar Lahore is approved by Lahore Development Authority.

Q4. Who are the developers of DHA Rahbar Lahore?

Ans. DHA Lahore is the developer of the residential society.

Q5. Are residential plots available?

Ans. Yes, the housing society offers residential plots.

Q6. What plot size is available for residential properties?

Ans. The following residential plot sizes are available:

  • 5 Marla
  • 8 Marla
  • 10 Marla
  • 1 Kanal

Q7. What is the size of the commercial plot?

Ans. Yes, the commercial plot is available in the following sizes:

  • 4 Marla
  • 8 Marla

Q8. Is it an affordable housing society?

Ans. Definitely, it is a budget-friendly housing society due to the flexible payment plans.

Q9. Are the phases in a desirable location?

Ans. The housing scheme is in a strategic location. For example, Raiwind Road Lahore is a 10-minute drive away, whereas Dream Gardens Lahore, another affluent housing society, is a 6-minute drive away.

Q10. Is underground electrification available in the housing society?

Ans. There is a complete underground electrification system.

Q11. Is there Sui gas in the housing society?

Ans. Yes, there are underground pipelines of Sui gas in DHA Rahbar.

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