Director of CDA land to lose position due to transfer

Director of CDA land to lose position due to transfer

ISLAMABAD: The Capital Development Authority has chosen to fire its land director following an attempt by officials from the civic body and a government watchdog to illegally acquire an eight-kanal property in Sector E-11.

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The CDA asked permission to return the officer to the Establishment Division in a letter to the Election Commission of Pakistan (ECP).

Sidra Anwar is allegedly suspected of assigning eight kanal based on forged paperwork, according to sources. The CDA had previously given the allottees land in 2006, but with the aid of the authorities, they were able to get still another plot. But the allocation was annulled, and two employees were also put on leave.

Before it was cancelled, the new party that had purchased the land from the allottees tried to take ownership of it, but certain CDA officials objected, citing a violation of the norms and regulations. However, a few representatives of an anti-graft organisation attempted to exert pressure on the officials with the aid of the CDA.

Security wing seizes documents from a suspended official; formal investigation is promised

They also placed pressure on CDA authorities to take ownership of the land by mentioning a senior intelligence official by name. The aforementioned intelligence officer took action after learning about the situation and requested that the CDA chairman and head of the watchdog look into it.

The CDA chairman then suspended Assistant Director Aftab Saleem and a dealing assistant by the name of Jamshed, and he established an investigating committee.

The committee determined that the land was given unlawfully and that the file’s movers had hid the fact that the allottees in question had already received land from the CDA in 2006 through false statements.

The suspended dealing assistant’s possession of further files was also seized by the security directorate. An insider informed Dawn that the director of land would also be fired after receiving approval from the ECP and that the two officials had been suspended.

He added that a formal investigation would also be started and that the municipal organisation had not experienced any financial loss as a result of the termination of the land allotment.

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