Domki pledges to protect the Gandhara civilization

Domki pledges to protect the Gandhara civilization

QUETTA: The interim chief minister of Baluchistan, Mir Ali Mardan Domki, stated that the Gandhara civilization is crucial to Pakistan’s international recognition and that steps are being taken to protect Baluchistan’s ancient sites.

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The chief minister spoke about potential for tourism promotion and assured Dr. Ramesh Kumar, the head of the Prime Minister Taskforce on Gandhara Tourism, that every effort was being made to improve the effectiveness of Baluchistan’s tourist attractions.

According to him, the government has been making an effort to provide these areas with minimal amenities for visitors.

The Gandhara civilisation, according to Mr. Domki, is an illustration of fraternity and tolerance and would promote national unity.

According to Mr. Domki, the Gandhara corridor, which connects Islamabad with buddhist nations via air, will stimulate travel and bring more visitors to Pakistan.

Dr. Kumar, who also serves as the president of the Pakistan Hindu Council, gave the chief minister a briefing on the Gandhara corridor project and mentioned that there are two Gandhara civilization archaeological sites in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, five in Sindh, one in Baluchistan, ten in Punjab, and four in Gilgit-Baltistan.

Dr. Kumar expressed his gratitude to the Baluchistani administration for protecting Hindu historical places, such as the Hinglaj Mata shrine in the Lasbela area.

The chief minister promised that money would be released annually by the government for the benefit of the Hindu community.

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