ECNEC authorizes 10 projects totaling 415.8 billion PKR

ECNEC authorizes 10 projects totaling 415.8 billion PKR

Islamabad: News sources said that on January 4, the Executive Committee of the National Economic Council (ECNEC) gave its approval to 10 development projects worth more than PKR 415.8 billion.

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At the ECNEC meeting, a flood response emergency housing project worth PKR 160 billion, which includes a USD 500 million loan from the World Bank, and the National Development Internship Program (NDIP) were approved. This was in line with the prime minister’s plan to include youth in national development and make them a part of it.

These projects were given the green light:

  • Students from Baluchistan and the area that used to be Baluchistan were given PKR 8.663 billion so they could go to college. FATA (Phase-III) (Phase-III)
  • The Prime Minister’s Youth Laptop Scheme-HEC was given PKR 10.827 billion to spend (Phase-III)
  • The project to build the Northern Section of the Ring Road (Missing Link) from the Warsak Road to the Nasir Bagh Road was given PKR 17,139 billion. Projects ML-1 and KCR are approved by ECNEC.
  • The Gravity Flow Water Supply Scheme was given permission to be built with PKR 18.583 billion. Mansehra.
  • The Overseas Scholarship for MS/ MPhil leading to PhD in certain fields was given PKR 22.214 billion (Phase-III).
  • Special development projects for backward or poor districts in the country were given PKR 40 billion.
  • PKR The Sindh Human Capital Investment: 1000 Days-Integrated Health and Population program was given 61.6 billion dollars.
  • The Flood Response Emergency Housing Project in Sindh has been given PKR 160 billion.
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