Eighteen Islamabad Housing society

Eighteen Islamabad

Eighteen Islamabad

The Eighteen Islamabad is a new housing society created in Islamabad by Ora Developers, Saif Group, and Kohistan Builders & Developers, and it is a masterpiece in the making. The goal of this revolutionary project is to bring the most up-to-date international living standards to Pakistan. For those seeking a high-end living experience, the project will provide world-class amenities, technological infrastructure, and a magnificent atmosphere. The housing concept consists of a mix of villas and flats.


Eighteen Islamabad is a joint venture by Ora Developers, Saif Group Ora Developers, and Kohistan Builders & Developers in eighteen sectors capital city of Pakistan. Kohistan Builders and Developers has completed the construction of Zarkon Heights in Islamabad sector G-15. Mr. Naguib Sawiris, an Egyptian billionaire, owns the Ora Developer Company. Mr. Naquib Sawiris previously held Mobilink, one of Pakistan’s major mobile networks.

Location of Eighteen Islamabad

Eighteen Islamabad is in a prime location on the Kashmir route. This housing complex is the most recent development in Pakistan’s capital city, Islamabad, conveniently near the Islamabad International Airport. The project is close to one of the oldest housing societies in the University Town area. The position of Eighteen Islamabad Society can be seen on the map to be only some miles away from the Taj Residencia, which is a high-population housing society in the area and provides easy access to various vital highways.

Visitors will find it relatively easy to get to this fantastic housing complex because the location is convenient. If you travel along the Kashmir Highway until you reach zero points, you will arrive at the Eighteen Society. Another route is along the GT Road, which will also provide direct access to this society. This location is also pinned on Google Maps, making it easier for you to travel to the region. Anyone interested in visiting the community may search for Eighteen Islamabad on Google Maps and follow navigation. The Eighteen Housing Society occupies around 572 acres of land and is an ideal location for inhabitants in both living and investing.

Location Map

The community is only a 20-minute drive from downtown Islamabad and the twin cities, but it is also easily accessible by the Lahore-Islamabad Motorway Kashmir Highway Grand Trunk Road. The Islamabad new International Airport is roughly 16.3 kilometers from the location, which means it will take nearly 30 minutes, and G-10 and G-11 Markaz close by, making the Eighteen Society an incredibly desirable location.

location map of Eighteen Islamabad

The community is only a 20-minute drive from downtown Islamabad and the twin cities, but it is also easily accessible by the Lahore-Islamabad Motorway Kashmir Highway Grand Trunk Road. The Islamabad new International Airport is roughly 16.3 kilometers from the location, which means it will take nearly 30 minutes. G-10 and G-11 Markaz close by, making the Eighteen Society an incredibly desirable place.

Status of the NOC

The Rawalpindi Development Authority (RDA) has provided a clear No Objection Certificate for the project’s total land area of 700 acres. Society has acquired all of the lands.

Development Status

The present status of the development work at the Eighteen Housing Society in Islamabad is that it is moving at a rapid speed of completion and will complete in two parts. The first phase will finish the residential block in three to four years, while the s econd phase is due to finish the commercial block in three to four years. However, the work status is good in terms of quality and the amount of time it takes.

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Master Plan 

The master plan for this society is splendid in that it creates a lavish design and landscaping. Benefits an innovative architectural design that uses resources in cost-effective and beautiful ways, ensuring that the most up-to-date techniques are in maximizing the local climate and minimizing the negative impact on it as much as possible. Eighteen is a gated community to provide a fantasy lifestyle and luxurious living. The society is environmentally friendly, has natural beauty, lush flora, and flats and villas are by open and broad space. The villas and apartments are linked by a large, gently curving parkway with many luxurious amenities.

The architecture of the community as a whole is to matches the scenic views. Society is vast in terms of openness, the vistas are breathtaking, and the hills are society’s defining feature. The region covers 2.7 million square yards and includes numerous amenities to provide a luxurious and worldwide level of life.

master plan of Eighteen Islamabad

Blocks of Eighteen Housing Society

The land required for the establishment of Islamabad’s Eighteen Housing Society is relatively large. The project aims to provide roughly 2,000 residential units, 1068 villas, more than 900 apartments, and commercial assets. The villas will be on-site sizes ranging from 10 Marla to 1, 2, 4, and 8 Kanal, respectively. These will be fully equipped villas with stunning views of lush green fields and parks of society.

Now, let us give you a quick synopsis of the society’s residential and business offerings:

The Eighteen Islamabad Residential Projects gives a taste of ultra-luxury living with a wide range of alternatives appropriate for families of all sizes. There are well-dressed, city-style apartments with wide-angle, continuous views of the golf field available for twosomes. Eighteen Islamabad offers magnificent separate Villas for larger families or those who require additional space. These large villas are a little more expensive and come in four and eight-kanal sizes, with a unique and intriguing design in crescent forms. There are some stunning residences with views of the society’s golf course.

Payment Plan for Residential Villas

  • The price range for the size 10 Marla in residential villas is PKR 4.66 to 6.95 crore.
  • The price for a 1 Kanal Residential Villa of this size is PKR 8.72 to 10.52 crore.
  • The price range for a property of size 2 Kanal in Residential Villa is PKR 16.27 to 18.62 crore.
  • The price range of PKR 28.41 to 33.81 crore for a 4 Kanal Residential Villa is PKR 28.41 to 33.81 crore.
  • The penthouses are between PKR 52.23 crore and PKR 53.92 crore.

Eighteen Islamabad payment Plan for Residential Villas

Payment Plan for Apartments

Meanwhile, there is an alternative for apartments as well, and they are on great sale in Eighteen Islamabad, with costs varying according to size. Read on for more information on prices:

  • The 775 sq. ft. studio apartment is in the area. Ft. is priced between PKR 1.38 and 1.40 crore.
  • The apartment has one bedroom and is 969 square feet in size—Ft. With a price range of PKR 1.67 to 1.77 crore.
  • The area size of the 2-bed apartment is 1,668 sq. ft. ft. is available in a price range of PKR 2.82 to 2.99 crore.
  • The apartment has three bedrooms and is 2,196 square feet in size 2,207 sq. ft. to 2,207 sq. ft. The price range for ft. is PKR 3.71 to 4.10 crore.

Eighteen Islamabad Payment Plan for Apartments

Residential Projects

The Villas

There is a unique project of real states at Eighteen society that consists of 1/2, 1, 2, 4, and 8 Kanal sizes and will be private villas, so they are suitable for larger families or even those who desire roomy lodgings.

Commercial Projects

The Foundation

At Eighteen is a cutting-edge commercial opportunity for investors. Thirteen high-rise skyscrapers are in support of the cause. This corporate zone is in function to promote current culture while also innovating the business environment. The lovely infrastructure will display modern architecture while keeping a professional atmosphere aimed at large corporations, businesses, and investors. The Eighteen Islamabad has a commercial and residential property portfolio that is into the following project types.

The Group

The club, which is at the heart of the project, is likely to be a draw. The golf course that has been mentioned multiple times in this article is at the club. The view will provide:

  • A magnificent vista of meadows and lakes.
  • Making it a wonderful setting for gatherings on the patio.
  • Fine dining.
  • A place where you can thoroughly relax.

Squash courts, a cricket ground, a sports center, a yoga studio, swimming pools, and a cigar lounge are all available. 

The Hotel Resort

The hotel, which will be at The Core Eighteen, will feature 150 rooms and will provide tourists with a five-star experience, as well as security and services inspired by the world’s most prestigious hotels. The resorts will have a spa, a gym, and a gourmet eating area. The party halls in resorts are large enough to host 1000 people easily.

The Center

In society, shopping malls will meet worldwide standards, making them ideal for friends, families, and couples to spend quality time together.

The Doctor’s Office

There will be highly qualified doctors and medical staff, patient wards, and an A&E section. The clinic will facilitate dealing with all types of emergency and non-emergency situations.

Pros & Cons

The benefits of the society are listed below to help you decide whether this project is a good investment for you:


  • Surrounding greenery is environmentally beneficial.
  • The setting is fantastic.
  • The only upper-class Elite civilization with a variety of lifestyle options is the target market.
  • The highest possible standard of living
  • Luxuries – Offers Residents Exclusivity – Modern Infrastructure and Architecture – Safe Investment – Profits Guaranteed
  • A city within a city – A business center


  • It is difficult to resale.
  • The prices are very high.
  • Upper class is their only target market.

Reasons to invest in Eighteen housing society

The Eighteen Islamabad is a project with a budget of around 2 billion dollars. These are the reasons why you may consider purchasing it:

  • The large villas are gorgeous and expansive, making them ideal for large families or individuals who demand a lot of space to live.
  • An extensive 18-hole golf course is ideal for relaxing and provides a magnificent perspective of the houses.
  • There is a concept for a high-end business center called The Core, which will provide several chances for firms and investors.
  • Keeping in mind the importance of education in today’s world, the international Standard Schools & Colleges are accessible to the general public.
  • There is a network of wide carpeted roadways to overcome traffic.
  • Parks, lakes, and hills surround the society, providing breathtaking vistas.
  • There are fully equipped hospitals with perfect health care claims.
  • There are clubs in which residents can join and amuse themselves with friends or family.
  • At The Square, there are also world-level shopping complexes and a food street.
  • The Resort offers amenities such as a spa, exercise facilities, swimming pools, and dining.
  • At The Height, there are opulent residences.
  • Mosques are close by for simple access and convenience.
  • Natural resources are used in the most cost-effective methods possible, making the area the most environmentally friendly.
  • Society is cover by lush greenery.
  • The setting is fantastic.
  • It’s a well-planned, professional-designed elite society with a choice of living options.
  • Provides a fantasy lifestyle.
  • The infrastructure and architecture are both gorgeous and modern, with plenty of amenities.
  • The investment is safe, and investors can expect a good return.
  • For organizations seeking investment opportunities, tremendous potential as a business center is available.

Buying guide for Eighteen

Recently, In Eighteen Islamabad, there has been an opportunity for sale on the properties, with the option of paying in easy installments. The discount will apply to early bookings that are payable in full with a 15% down payment. The remaining balance, on the other hand, can be paid in 14 equal quarterly installments. The prices of properties at Eighteen Society, Islamabad, according to their property type are as follows:

Facilities of the Eighteen Housing Society

The top-rated Eighteen housing society offers a wide range of amenities to guarantee that its residents live a high-quality living.

The following are some of the characteristics:

  • The residential building of the society contains over two thousand units, providing a diverse range of alternatives.
  • The design and infrastructure are cutting-edge, and there are numerous surrounding amenities such as mosques, hospitals, schools, and an airport.
  • There is a magnificent 18-hole golf course within the society, making it possible to travel within bounds and have fun-filled leisure.
  • Within the confines of the Eighteen housing society, there is a very luxurious 5-star hotel that can both entertain and add beauty.
  • A shopping center of international standards may be found, with most of the rarely seen brands in Pakistan from outside and high-end retail establishments. It is for all those who value utilizing high-quality products and can now easily select items that suit their preferences.
  • Because there are state-of-the-art commercial buildings within the Eighteen housing society, there is a business district facility in high demand among investors.
  • The high standards of prestigious educational institutions are also within reach of our society. They are making it possible for families with children to do so.
  • There are hospitals in the society with well-maintained medical and health-care units, ensuring that everyone in need of assistance is well cared for and pampered.
  • The area’s parks and rich flora make it both gorgeous and environmentally friendly.
  • Extra-wide roadways and adequately built spaces for car parking were made accessible in the eighteenth century to aid in the prevention of traffic congestion.
  • Additionally, municipal amenities are available, providing an additional advantage to society.
  • Because safety is our country’s top priority, there is a highly secure and safe environment in the surrounding area and the Eighteen Housing society.


The housing endeavor is an impressive residential project in Capital City, where property values are already high. Still, the market predicts to expand tenfold with housing societies such as Park View City, Eighteen Islamabad, and Bahria Enclave. To attain more return on your investment in the shortest amount of time, you should invest in the early stages of these assets. For more details, information and related queries you may get in touch with Estate Land & Marketings for better understanding.


Q1: What exactly is the Eighteen Islamabad?

Eighteen Islamabad is a new housing project currently under construction in Islamabad.

Q2- What is the location of Eighteen Islamabad?

Eighteen Islamabad is located on the Kashmir Highway in Islamabad’s 18th sector and may also be accessible via GT road. 

Q3- Who is the owner of Islamabad’s Eighteen?

Ora Developers, Saif Group Ora Developers, and Kohistan Builders & Developers collaborated on Eighteen Islamabad.

Q4- What are the different plot sizes available at Eighteen Islamabad?

Eighteen Islamabad offers various apartments and villas in sizes ranging from 12, 1, 2, 4, and 8 Kanal.

Q5- What distinguishes the Eighteen Islamabad society from other communities in the region?

Eighteen Islamabad is Pakistan’s most distinctive and forward-thinking city. The exquisite architecture, amenities, and entertainment will elevate and elevate this project in Islamabad and Pakistan.



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