FGEHA instructs contractors to hasten housing project work

FGEHA instructs contractors to hasten housing project work

News sources said that on Monday, June 6, the Federal Government Housing Authority (FGEHA) asked contractors working on its apartments and housing projects to speed up their work.

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During a meeting of the FGEHA board, which was led by Minister for Housing and Works Maulana Abdul Wasey, it was decided to speed up the work.

Contractors were asked to speed up work on the Kashmir Avenue Apartments, G-13 Chaklala Heights, and Skyline Apartments in Islamabad at the meeting. In addition, Minister Wasay asked the authorities to ensure that the apartments for government workers were finished and given to them on time.

It is important to note that there are 3,432 apartments in the Chaklala Scheme and 3,945 apartments in the Skyline Apartments. The Kasmir Avenue Apartments are in G-13. They are three buildings with twenty-one floors and three basements each. According to previous reports, the Kashmir Avenue Apartments, the housing ministry has sent out 796 Provisional Offer Letters (POLs) for A-Category units and 857 for B-category units. However, it was also found that the administration has taken away 184 POLs because fees weren’t paid.

Work has been sped up on FGEHA projects to provide modern housing facilities.

It’s important to know that FEGHA has started several apartment projects in Islamabad and Baluchistan for people who work for the federal government.

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