For the Pakistan Navy, China has launched a third Type-054 frigate

For the Pakistan Navy, China has launched a third Type-054 frigate

This frigate is the third of four Type-054 frigates that will help Pakistan improve its defence capabilities. Hudong Zhonghua shipyard in Shanghai at the ceremony, China launched a technologically advanced frigate developed for the Pakistan Navy (PN).

The third of four Type-054 frigates will enable the Pakistan Navy to boost its maritime defence and deterrent capabilities. It comes with the most up-to-date surface, subsurface, and anti-air weapons, as well as a battle management system and sensors. The ships are also expected to aid in the preservation of regional peace and stability.


Hudong-Zhonghua Shipyard and Huangpu Shipyard are building Type 054A missile frigates for the People’s Liberation Army Navy (PLAN). They have a 134-meter length and a 16-meter beam. The usual displacement is 3,600 tonnes, while the maximum removal is roughly 4,000 tonnes. A total of 165 people work on each ship.


With the ‘Sea Guardians 2020′ joint naval drill in the Arabian Sea and the JF-17 multirole combat aircraft development, Pakistan and China have strengthened their military and defense ties. Pakistan inked a preliminary agreement in 2017 for the delivery of two Type 054 A/P frigates. In 2018, a contract for two other ships was inked.


In August of last year, China unveiled the world’s first frigate. This frigate began sea trials in late May, while the second Type-054 frigate was launched in January of this year.

On May 1, the keel for the third ship was laid. All four ships are being built in China, with the first two slated to arrive by year-end.

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