Funds allocated for the first Circuit House in Rawalpindi

Funds allocated for the first Circuit House in Rawalpindi

According to news sources, the Rawalpindi district has been allocated PKR 1.84 billion for the construction of its first modern Circuit House. This Circuit House was funded through the annual development program (ADP) of the government of Punjab.

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In addition, the provincial government has approved the upgrading and renovation of the Rawalpindi commissioner’s camp office in Murree. In addition, approval has been granted for the construction and renovation of the district revenue officer’s residence.

It is anticipated that the newest Circuit House will be a state-of-the-art facility that will mark an important milestone for Rawalpindi. The structure serves as both an administrative entity and a guest house for visiting officials.

The 5-kanal Circuit House for the Rawalpindi division is anticipated to be completed in 18 months. The land owned by the state has already been selected for the endeavour. It would be a five-story structure on 24 hectares of property. The construction project bid process has already begun, and the contract is anticipated to be awarded next month.

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